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Motorcycle Appraisals: things to know before investing in used motorcycles

Motorcycle Appraisals: things to know before investing in used motorcycles

According to recent research, the US motorcycle market will hit an 11 billion dollar market share by the end of 2025. There is a lot of money coming to the industry that will benefit motorcycles and related markets like motorcycle appraisals, motorcycle repair & maintenance, and motorcycle parts manufacturers. One thing which we can clearly understand from the above-mentioned statistics is, Americans love to buy motorcycles.

There is nothing stopping the potential growth and the demand for motorcycles in the market. If you are a buyer who wants to invest in your dream bike, then this article will help you in understanding motorcycle appraisals. 

Is investing in used motorcycles and motorcycle appraisals worth it?

used motorcycles

If you want to invest in a motorcycle filled with features, then you might find yourself low on budget, but why not invest in bikes that actually hold their value. Buying a new motorcycle now and waiting for decades for prices to increase is not a nice idea. If you want classic motorcycles, you have to invest in models that can make some quick money.

We have used Kelly Blue Book, the official USA motorcycle value guide, to find out which motorcycle brand holds the maximum value. We have combined the data in the chart for a graphical representation.

USA motorcycle value guide

According to the data, Harley-Davidson bikes hold 84% of their value, followed by BMW with a whopping 81% and Indian, Ducati, and Triumph with 77%, 73%, & 72%, respectively.

Now that you have the data in hand, there is no doubt that you would love to purchase a Harley-Davidson or BMW but wait, let us first figure out some important considerations. You cannot blindly invest in any classical bike as it can be disastrous, and your popular choice for investment might end up eating it all. Here are some of the important things which you have to consider while investing in used motorcycles.

1. Different types of motorcycles for different riders:

Generally, there are three main types of motorcycles they are

  1. Cruiser,
  2. Touring, and
  3. Sports motorcycle.

The internal parts, bodily functions, and composition of all three bikes are not much different. It is vital for a buyer to understand the notable differences.

If you are buying a motorcycle for the first time, then most of the experts would recommend you to go with a cruiser. Apart from being cost-efficient and reliable, cruisers are also available in various styles to match your needs. If you want a motorcycle to ride between home and work, then a cruiser is a great option.

As the name suggests, touring motorcycles are specifically engineered to enhance comfort during “Touring.” Moreover, the prices of touring motorcycles are also quite heavy because of their relentless features. If you love long tours with the sun at your back and air at all sides, touring motorcycles are the best option available in the market.

Sports motorcycles:
Sports bikes offer you a lot of speed, and at the same time, they are very dangerous if you don’t have the right experience to drive them. They have a robust engine to offer great speed, and they are often termed dangerous motorcycles as they can lead to fatal injuries.

2. VIN or Vehicle Identification Number of the motorcycle:

As mentioned above, if you are investing in used vehicles, it is vital to focus on the vehicle’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. If you want to make some money by trading classic motorcycles, then you are at higher risk as popular models are increasingly popular options for theft. Double-check the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number of the motorcycle to ensure that your trade is completely legal. If you buy a stolen vehicle without verification, you must bear a huge loss as nobody would be most interested in your motorcycle in the future.

3. Motorcycle appraisals can help in understanding the overall appearance of the motorcycle:

There is a lot of difference between a rapidly cleaned motorcycle for sales and a motorcycle that is pampered with the utmost care by a true motorcycle lover and owner. If you have ever owned a motorcycle, then you must know that it is daunting to clean every bit of dirt from the vehicle. In most cases, the used motorcycle sellers want to sell their vehicles. Hence they don’t showcase much interest in maintaining the vehicle. It is vital that you cannot expect a showroom-like bike, but on the other hand, you cannot compromise with quality. Check the bike from the inside out to ensure that you invest in the right motorcycle. You can also take help from professional motorcycle appraisers as they are well-experienced in determining the wellness of the motorcycle.

4. Start Initial Inspection With Exhausts:

We all love to hear the roaring sound of the bike, but before you can start your new bike, ensure that you don’t invest in a poor motorcycle. When you are inspecting the vehicle, ensure that your seller doesn’t drive the bike before the inspection. The exhausts of the motorcycle are solidly mounted, and the engine can vibrate the pipes and make them fail. You can also suspect dents on the exhaust, which can affect the overall efficiency of the vehicle. You will miss out on hearing the vibration noise if your seller drives the vehicle before the inspection. Lay your back and inspect the exhausts thoroughly.

5. Frame of the motorcycle:

Now that the exhaust of the motorcycle is fit and running, it is the right time to check out other essential considerations like scratches, dents, and cracks on the frame of the motorcycle. The scratches and dents don’t have anything to do with the performance, but they just don’t look good on the vehicle. They can also indicate a previous accident and describe that the rider has been harsh on the motorcycle. Do not forget to check the steering, handlebars, and rusty framework of the motorcycle.

6. Clutch:

The Clutch is one of the prominent parts of the motorcycle which you will constantly be using. Undoubtedly, a small slack is ignorable, but if you ever find the clutch too rough, things can become complicated. Have a seat on the bike and check the clutch on the first gear.

7. Brakes:

Once you have clutched your way towards the destination, then you also need to focus your attention on the brakes to stop the motorcycle. Release the brake levers and check whether they come back to rest in a smooth manner. You can also check the capacity of the rotors by measuring their thickness using measuring calipers.

8. Tires and wheels of the motorcycle:

If you find a smooth and even texture, then there is nothing to worry about, but if you find some tear on the rear tire, then it is a serious symptom of burnouts that are not good for any vehicle. One of the main causes of flat bends on tires is skidding and improper braking. Replacing tires can be expensive and daunting; hence double-check both tires to save both money and time. Check the four-digit number on the tire where the first two digits represent the manufacturing week, and the next two suggest the manufacturing year. It is easy to check the quality and condition of the tire with the help of a four-digit rule. You can also check for dents on the wheels.

9. Check under the hood:

Apart from examining the vehicle from the outside, you will also have to check the internal wirings of the vehicle. Pop the seat, and if you find that all the parts are in the right condition, then there is nothing to worry about. If you find missing GPS or batteries, then it is the right time to fix them.

10. Benefits from a motorcycle appraisal:

Whether you are selling a classic motorcycle or buying a used one, an appraisal is one of the best ways to know the right value of the motorcycle. Apart from indicating the accurate value, motorcycle appraisals can also help you in the tedious tasks of insurance claims. Fetching an appraisal for a customized or personalized motorcycle can be daunting as you have modified or tricked the motorcycle. At the same time, an appraisal can help you in retaining the value of the vehicle.

All the sellers want to sell their motorcycles at a fair price, and motorcycle appraisals can help them in getting a fair price from the buyer. On the other hand, buyers can have peace of mind once a professional and certified appraiser appraises the motorcycle.


If you are buying a used motorcycle, then you have to highlight various considerations to categorize your purchase. If you don’t want to take the stress of appraising alone, you can take help from professional automobile appraisals. Benchmark Auto Appraisers L.L.C. founder Daniel Jendrowski believes that when you have professional appraisers to seek help, then you are only one step away from making profits. If you are from California, then Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is the best automobile appraiser in the United States. California is the number one state in the USA, and it ranks at number one when the concern is about yearly motorcycle registrations. Call at 1-877-888-6113 right now to book a free consultation from the best motorcycle appraisal company in the US.

Motorcycle Appraisals: things to know before investing in used motorcycles

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