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Airstream Appraisals – The Complete Guide to Airstream

Airstream Appraisals – The Complete Guide to Airstream

What makes Airstream hyped in the auto industry?

It’s that time of year when we all love to fly high and love to get lost in the foggy weather with our loved ones. It’s monsoon and the best time for a family vacation. When the concern is about travel, there are many options to consider, from RV’s to campers and trailers to Airstreams. Today, we will explore airstream and airstream appraisals.

There is no doubt that Airstreams have been an iconic part of the RV industry, but after a long time, they are back to business, and today we will cover all your doubts about owning an airstream and why you should have one in your backyard? We will also cover Airstream Appraisals and why they are important digital age shoppers.

Airstream Appraisals: What is Airstream?

Airstream is one of the most popular American travel trailer brands successful for its rounded aluminum coaches. The designs trace their origin from the early 1930s based on Bowlus road chief built by famous designer Hawley Bowlus.

Airstream trailers are small, rounded, and beautiful recreational vehicles that thousands of Americans enjoy their family vacation. In the digital age, you can find airstream trailers featuring the latest tech goods like,

  • LED television
  • Bathroom
  • Air Conditioner
  • Leather seats
  • Blu-ray panels.

Airstream Appraisals: What are Airstream Trailers made of?

Not too many lads from the millennial generation have much knowledge about airstream trailers, but their shape makes them look different and elegant. Undoubtedly, no RV or camper can match the distinctive look of the Airstream trailers.

Compared to conventional recreational vehicles or travel trailers, the airstream is made up of treated aluminum alloy. In high school, you must have read that aluminum is a lightweight alloy; hence, it significantly reduces fuel economy. On top of that, Airstream treats every single aluminum sheet to make it resistant to harmful UV rays coming from the sun. Moreover, Airstream made from aluminum offers superior quality resistance towards cracking, pulverization, flaking, and discoloration. Airstream also incorporates a special enamel roof on the top of the airstream to ensure that you feel cool and light during every ride.

According to recent news from the brand, Airstream is looking for alternatives for aluminum, and fiberglass is quite speculative because of its lightweight and durability. Fiberglass adds a sporty and contemporary finish to the trailer. There is no doubt in telling you that you will fall in love at first sight when you witness a trailer shining in fiberglass.

Airstream Appraiser

Airstream appraisals: Why should you buy an airstream trailer?

#1. Quality:

One of the prominent reasons you must invest in an airstream trailer is its quality; as the entire body of an Airstream is made from Aluminium alloy, you don’t have to compromise with rust-filled RVs.

One of the best facts associated with the airstream trailers is 65% of every trailer sold by the brand is still serving, which is enough to define the durability of airstream trailers. They might look dirty when you buy a used one but getting them up and running is also quite easy compared to traditional recreational vehicles.

#2. Best in the class interior:

One of the key reasons why we recommend everyone to buy an airstream is its amazing interior quality. Well, you might get surprised when you hear the price of a new airstream, but it won’t last long as the salesman will cover all the luxurious amenities.

Airstreams have leather cushioning and branded faucets like the ones we use in our homes. Moreover, modern airstreams are also green certified and cause less damage to the environment. They have air conditioners that automatically adjust to the climate. You will also get large windows in airstreams. Airstream has also included an in-built Bluetooth stereo where you can enjoy your favorite melodies on the go.

Now that you are clear with so many aspects of an airstream, you must have understood why airstreams have high resale value compared to any other traditional vehicle or RV in the automobile market. Generally, all the airstream vehicles don’t lose more than 10% of value, while some refurbished models are also quite expensive compared to the new ones.

#3. Ethnicity:

Well, style is one of the favorite characteristics of airstreams, making them look different compared to traditional campers and travel trailers. Some RV experts also love to define Airstream as ‘Apple’ because of its unique designs and elegant display. When you visit an RV parking area, you will find most vehicles with similar designs; hence you might not feel excited. You will also find a lot of RV owners sharing similarities between their vehicles.

The same stigma is absent when the concern is about airstreams. Yes, there is no doubt in telling that the brand is stubborn and loves to stick with its rounded shape, making it unique. The shiny metal body, ethnic colors, and modern styles are few factors that make an Airstream owner feel special.

You might also not be aware of the secret Airstream community titled Wally Byam Caravan Club, to which all the airstream owners are silently connected. The club organizes large yearly conventions and rallies where you can explore diverse airstream models. There are also various camping sites like the one in The Land Yacht, Joshua Tree in California specific to the airstream, and you can find hundreds of Airstream blogs on the internet. One of the most interesting facts associated with Airstreamers is they love to flash or honk when they pass by an unknown airstream on the road.

#4. Size:

The average size of an airstream trailer is around 30’, which is not small, but when you compare its size with a classic RV trailer or campervan, it is too small. They are neither lengthy nor tall, making it easy for the drivers to cruise through narrow roads of urban and rural regions.

As they are small in size, owners don’t have to scratch their heads while parking them, and most importantly, you don’t have to leave them on the outskirts when you are exploring nearby cities. In other words, you can take them along with you anywhere. The Airstream trailers are also perfect for a couple or three friends but not more because they are not meant for group sessions. They are quite roomy, and you might find trouble in moving alongside inside the trailer. You must test the trailer multiple times before you finalize the decision of traveling. They are also not as powerful as wooden trailers and are quite lightweight, which means you don’t need a lot of power to haul them on the road. You can also save a lot of money and time because of the lightweight nature of the airstream trailers. You have to drag less and spend less on gas when you own a magnificent airstream trailer.

Wind and storms also have less impact on the airstream trailers making them less prone to accidents and safer for travel. They are also not tall like RV’s; hence you can easily take them under a bridge or on ferries, and you no longer have to worry about tunnels. Airstream trailers also don’t have slides which means less damage because of fewer moving parts.

#5. Airstream Pricing:

Pricing is the main reason why you don’t find too many Airstreams on the road. The average price of an airstream trailer is around 65000-90000 USD, and the numbers might go to 100K USD if you are going to bring in add-ons like TV and bed. As mentioned above, the prices of few older refurbished models are quite expensive than new ones.

It is highly recommended to go with a used model as there are chances that you will get 20% off, which is a considerable decline in Airstream pricing. You can also buy a 1970s airstream model under 8K having classical designs, but you will regret the choice when you have to spend thousands of dollars on rebuilding the trailer with modern designs.

Bottom line related to Airstream Appraisals Services

It is quite rare to find an airstream owner who has regretted the decision after buying a used or new airstream. Undoubtedly, they are top-quality trailers which you must prioritize when compared to traditional used RVs. Moreover, you are paying for what you will be enjoying in the future; hence pricing is not a big issue when comparing the features you get to experience in modern airstream trailers. It is also important that you invest in airstream appraisal when your goal is to buy a used airstream.

Searching for trusted airstream appraisers in the United States? Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC has the right experience and can help you determine the best price value for a used airstream trailer. The president and founder of Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC, Daniel R Jendrowski, have over 42 years of experience in the appraisal industry. They are also certified and follow the right appraisal procedure which meets all USPAP Standards to ensure that buyers get accurate assessments with their vehicle. Book your free consultation right now at 1-877-888-6113.

Airstream Appraisals – The Complete Guide to Airstream

Daniel “Dan” Jendrowski

Certified Public Auto Appraiser Diminish Value Experts B.C.A.A. & I.A.C.P.

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