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Divorce, Estate, and Bankruptcy Appraisals

Certified Estate, Bankruptcy, and Divorce Vehicle Appraisals

When you’re going through a challenging time such as handling the estate of a loved one, a bankruptcy, or a divorce, you need an accurate vehicle appraisal that will stand up under the court’s scrutiny yet won’t take a huge chunk of your hard-earned money. With Benchmark Auto Appraisals L.L.C., you’ll get a certified appraisal from an experienced, court-tested appraiser at a fair price.

Years of Experience Give Benchmark Auto Appraisals the Edge in Court

Our founder and CEO, Daniel R. Jendrowski, has provided umpire services and expert witness testimony in court for divorce settlements, bankruptcy proceedings, and probate court for many years. With years of experience in cases involving not only automobiles, but also boats, RVs, heavy equipment, motorcycles, antique and collectible vehicles, and auto accessories, our expertise stands head and shoulders above the rest.

New York Vehicle Appraisals for Estate, Divorce, and Bankruptcy Settlements

With more than 42 years in the vehicle sales, repair, and appraisal business, as well as court-recognized expertise in antique and collectible vehicles, we have earned the trust of courts all over New York and beyond. We handle even the most complex situations, such as diminution of value, depositions, sworn testimony during trials, and highly contested divorce settlements, so you can depend on our experience for complete peace of mind.

Certified Vehicle Estate Appraisals All over the Continental U.S.

A certified member of the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers (BCAA) and certified appraisers by the Independent Appraisers Certification Professionals (IACP) Benchmark Auto Appraisals provides dependable appraisal services throughout the continental United States. With our nationwide network of expert certified vehicle appraisers, we can provide all you need for estate appraisals, as well as bankruptcy and divorce vehicle appraisals.

We also offer online appraisals for extra convenience. Since we conduct these appraisals online, we can offer them at a reduced rate.

With prompt turnaround and dependable appraisals, it’s no wonder that clients like the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, the Lingenfelter Motorsports Collection, and the Sloan Museum depend on us for accurate appraisals. You can, too—no matter what the situation.

Experience and Research Set Our Vehicle Appraisal Service Apart

In estate, bankruptcy, and divorce settlements, an appraiser must keep abreast of the current market price, trends, comparable value analyses, and the impact accidents may have on a vehicle—called diminished value.

  • Experience: Having appraised more than 3,000 vehicles and have purchased more than 3,000, we know exactly what to look for in assessing the condition, amenities, and other factors that impact a vehicle’s value.
  • Research: Our vehicle research libraries are extensive and date back to 1900. We attend a wide range of major vehicle auctions of all types, including Barrett Jackson Auctions, R&M Classic Auctions, and ADESA, Not only do we keep an eye on the latest auction results, but we also keep current on all the pertinent industry publications—both in print and online. We dig deep into all the information we can get our hands on to serve our clients better.

Estate Settlement Appraisals

Unless an estate has a sole heir, equal property distribution is essential. In addition, the tax burden, attorney fees, and court fees vary according to the amount of the estate. If vehicles and accessories are part of that estate, it’s important to have an accurate vehicle appraisal.

Without accurate, consistent vehicle appraisals, you risk a loss of your property or misappropriation of the estate’s assets. Certified appraisals by an expert vehicle appraiser provide accuracy and peace of mind.

With an accurate appraisal, family members can avoid the hard feelings that arise when one person believes that another has received a better vehicle. With an accurate appraisal value, the probate court or executor can adjust the other assets to assure an equal distribution.

Our vehicle appraisals always meet or exceed Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), authorized by the U.S. Congress to establish an asset’s value to calculate estate or trust income taxes.

Divorce Auto Appraisals

With all the emotions that come into play with a divorce, resentment over financial matters doesn’t need to become a problem when you get accurate appraisals of your assets. With our certified auto appraisers, you receive an independent appraisal that will set a definitive value for each vehicle involved in the settlement.

With our extensive experience in court, you can count on us for accurate expert witness testimony from deposition to trial. Our expertise and composure under fire give us the edge over less-experienced appraisers.

Bankruptcy Auto Appraisals

If you’re going through bankruptcy proceedings, you need a certified, accurate appraisal that takes all the key factors into consideration: a current market analysis, comparable vehicles, any modifications, overall condition, and diminished value due to accidents. An appraisal report for a bankruptcy proceeding must provide a wealth of detail and information, along with a well-written, easily understandable report.

This isn’t the time to rely on an appraisal that’s long on opinion and short on fact. The difference between a Chapter 7 bankruptcy—where you’re forced to sell most of your property—and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in which you can keep some of your property, may well depend on an accurate, dependable valuation.

At Benchmark, our certified appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards of Automotive Appraisal Procedures (USAAP). This certification means that you have a credible, properly formatted, properly documented, and verified appraisal that will meet the standards of even the strictest judge or trustee.

Our nationwide network of certified vehicle appraisers has years of experience meeting—and exceeding—the requirements necessary to complete an appraisal for a bankruptcy proceeding. Your appraisal will be comprehensive, accurate, and easily understood to give you the best shot at a fresh start in life.

We’re by Your Side in Troubled Times

Whatever situation you find yourself in—be it handling the estate of a loved one, a bankruptcy, or a divorce—you need an appraisal partner that can be that calm voice of reason. With our accurate, detailed appraisals and our years of research, expertise, and experience, you can depend on us to help you get through the process smoothly.

Whether you need a certified vehicle appraisal in New York State or clear across the country, we’re here for you. If you’re going through a divorce, bankruptcy or estate settlement, get in touch with us today for your free, no-obligation consultation. Call 1-877-888-6113 to arrange yours.

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