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Semi-Truck and Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Semi-Truck and Heavy Equipment Appraisals


Accredited Appraisers For Trucks Trailers & Logistic Companies All of our trucking and logistics appraisers have achieved professional designations from the two most prominent and distinguished valuation organizations in the county; Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASA) from the Bureau of Certified Appraisers (BCAA), and Certified and Tested Members of The Independent Appraisal Certified Professional (IACP).  These credentials represent professionalism and quality and ensure that our customers will receive reliable and credible equipment appraisals from skilled valuers and personalized friendly Service. Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC Offering Years Of prompt, professional Appraisal Service Experience.

Trailers, Heavy Equipment Appraisals, and Truck Appraisals

We have extensive equipment appraisal experience appraising all types of trucks, trailers and logistics equipment within the trucking industry for over thirty-five years, compiling a comparable sales database that is one of the largest in the business.

With all of the current financial uncertainty in the world, it is more vital than ever for financial institutions, corporations, and other organizations to have a clear and accurate appraisal of their machinery and equipment.

We have the machinery appraisal experience necessary to provide accurate valuations of machinery and equipment in a rapidly changing market.

Trucking & Logistics Clients Regularly Seek Machinery And Equipment Appraisal Advice On A Broad Range Of Business Decisions.

Freightliner Trucks

  1. International Trucks
  2. Ford Trucks
  3. Peterbilit Trucks
  4. Kenworth Trucks
  5. Mack Trucks
  6. Volvo Trucks
  7. GMC Trucks
  8. Isuzu Trucks
  9. Chevrolet Trucks
  10. Sterling Trucks
  11. Western Star Trucks
  12. Oshkosh Trucks
  13. Asphalt Trucks
  14. Fuel Trucks

Service Trucks:

  1. Dump Trucks
  2. Rolloff trucks
  3. Trash Trucks
  4. Tow Trucks
  5. Cement Trucks
  6. Box Trucks
  7. Toyota Trucks
  8. Ottawa Trucks
  9. Tanker Trucks
  10. Fire Trucks
  11. Diamond Rio
  12. Autocar Trucks

Trailer Manufacturers:

  1. Great Dane Trailers
  2. Utility Trailers
  3. Fruehauf Trailers
  4. Transcraft Trailers
  5. Trailmobile Trailers
  6. Wabash Trailers
  7. Fontaine Trailers
  8. Dorsey Trailers
  9. Wilson Trailers
  10. Trail King Trailers
  11. Strick Trailers
  12. East Trailers
  13. And More…

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