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At Benchmark Auto Appraisers, we spare no detail in our research to ensure that you’ll get the most accurate auto appraisal on the market. To that end, we put our broad range of auto appraisal resources to work to provide you with world-class service.

With our home office in New York, Daniel R. Jendrowski and his Benchmark team serve as the leading appraisal firm in the United States. We offer a broad range of certified appraisals throughout the continental US, including:

  • Certified appraisals
  • Divorce, estate, and bankruptcy appraisals
  • Court-ordered and expert witness vehicle appraisals
  • Recreational vehicle (RV) and Motorhome Appraisals
  • Diminished value and total loss auto appraisals
  • Vehicle loan financing appraisals
  • Insurance appraisals
  • Boat appraisals
  • Heavy equipment and semi-truck appraisals
  • Power sports and motorcycle appraisals
  • Pre-purchase inspections and appraisals
  • Muscle car and classic auto appraisals

Each type of appraisal requires that we consult specific vehicle appraisal resources that apply to both the appraisal’s goals and the vehicle itself. We update our resources daily so that we can provide our clients with a precise, fair number.

Led by our CEO, Daniel R. Jendrowski, our expert vehicle appraisers use a wide variety of the appraisal industry’s finest reference tools to guarantee that your appraisal reflects your vehicle’s current market value. Those resources include:

  • Great Lakes Institute of Certified Auto Appraisers (GLICA) authoritative body, appraisal staff, and associates have all passed the GLICA in-depth exam, the Independent Appraisal Certification Program (IACP) test. Requiring this qualification assures our customers that their appraisal will stand up under scrutiny.
  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP): The universally recognized standards for the appraisal industry were approved by the US Congress to determine property values for tax purposes and legal transactions. Our appraisers strictly adhere to – and exceed – these standards for our clients’ peace of mind.
  • Hemmings Motor News: The world’s authoritative source for collectable, antique, and vintage vehicles, this monthly publication provides researchers with a wealth of information. Our appraisers consult it regularly for an up-to-date picture of a vehicle’s worth.
  • RM Sotheby’s Auto Auctions: As the top collector vehicle auction house globally, RM Sotheby’s Auto Auctions serves as a rich source of current prices and other information on restoring and maintaining collectable cars.
  • Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, LLC: With almost half a century as one of the collector car world’s most prestigious auctions, this Arizona-based institution is a must-watch for car appraisal industry professionals.
  • National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA): NADA is the United States’ premier vehicle trade organization, representing the great majority of the nation’s auto dealers. It monitors updates to legislation on environmental, taxation, and safety issues that affect vehicles’ value. Benchmark maintains membership in this organization to facilitate research on behalf of its clients.
  • Black Book Auto Dealers GuideThis critical resource employs data scientists to analyze VIN-specific data from a vehicle’s AutoCheck® history to arrive at a more accurate valuation figure, even sight-unseen.
  • Kelley Blue Book (KBB): For years, prospective auto sellers and buyers have used this tool to get a relative estimate of the value of their current or prospective ride. Since the KBB staff researches auto auctions and trends all over the country, appraisers such as our staff use the KBB estimate as a key part of their valuation process.
  • AutoTrader.comAn online portal on which auto dealers advertise their used, certified, and new cars. Keeping up with local prices is an essential component of an appraiser’s research process, so looking over the current stock and pricing on this resource is a must.
  • Classic Cars Arena: This online resource provides dealers and private owners with a place to browse available cars and compare prices. Since the publication gives insights into current prices and availability, it’s also a must-read for appraisers.
  • Classic Car Community: In addition to listing classic cars for sale, this publication offers listings for books for classic car collectors, as well as shops and parts for restoring these historic vehicles.
  • ADESA Auto AuctionsA nationwide network of wholesale vehicle auctions, ADESA caters exclusively to auto industry professionals, such as manufacturers, dealers, auto rental companies, and financial institutions. Since its founding in 1989, it has branched out to provide inspections, reconditioning, and other pre-sale services to help its customers get the best price for their vehicles.
  • Manheim AuctionsWith branches in Chicago, Fort Wayne, Louisville, New Orleans, Detroit, and a total of 145 auto auctions all over the world, this wholesale vehicle auction house is an excellent reference tool for appraisers around the globe. As the world’s largest reseller, Manheim has specialized MMR software that provides Daniel R. Jendrowski and the Benchmark team with real-time updates daily.
  • Mecum Auctions: The world’s unchallenged leader in vintage, antique, and collector vehicles, Mecum Auctions is an excellent source of information on the current value of rare cars.
  • Buffalo Police Federal Credit UnionSince its founding in 1936, this organization helps area police officers, firefighters, and their families obtain auto loans and other financial products. As a western New York-based appraiser, we keep a tight working relationship with them.
  • Bank of America: Led by our CEO, Daniel R. Jendrowski, our team of appraisers works with Bank of America’s auto loans division, as well as their dealer network, to provide the kind of accurate, fair appraisals that help their customers secure loans on their vehicles.
  • MMR software: A specialized tool that streamlines the vehicle valuation process, MMR software provides our team with lists of auto auctions and sales transactions, VIN reports, price projections, and a broad range of other relevant data, all on a single platform. We update this software monthly to ensure that our data is current.
  • Benchmark Auto Appraisers’ in-house library: Our personal collection of state-of-the-art digital resources dates back to 1900. Adding those resources to all the periodicals we read daily, our team can access all the information we need to get you an accurate appraisal of your property’s value. This collection, plus our many years of experience in the auto industry, make us the appraiser of choice for museums, serious private collectors, and courts all around the nation. We pride ourselves on cutting-edge, continuing education that never stops.
  • Benchmark’s extensive network of experts: Our finest resource is the people we work with. With connections across the country and their specific expertise, they provide us with added insight into each vehicle’s value. Whether they’re experts at antique vehicle repair, recreational vehicles (RVs), legal issues, or engineering, we call on these talented partners as needed to get the best value for our clients’ vehicles.
  • World-class legal firms: We have a large network of top-notch lawyers all over the United States with extensive court experience involving vehicle-related issues. Our attorneys are available at a moment’s notice.
  • Our founder, Daniel R. “Dan” JendrowskiCustomer testimonials vouch for our founder and president’s expertise in the auto industry. With auto industry experience that dates back to 1977, Dan is widely recognized nationwide as an automobile valuation expert. His experience includes owning and managing several auto dealerships, collecting and selling rare vehicles, and repair services. He has served as an expert witness in court and is a BOCAA-certified appraiser and judge.

With all these resources at their fingertips, Daniel R. Jendrowski and our team of appraisers have a nationwide reputation as experts in the auto appraisal industry. Every year, they appraise millions of dollars’ worth of vehicles of every type and in every situation.

Never settle for second best when it comes to your auto appraisal. Respected by a long list of industry experts, nationally known museums, and clients, we know exactly what to do and where to go to get our clients the best results, no matter what the challenge.

Use the appraisers that the experts turn to for a laser-accurate valuation – Benchmark Auto Appraisers. If you have a question, call Benchmark Auto Appraisers toll-free at  1-877-888-6113. Or, get in touch with our team via our online form today for your free personalized consultation and quote.

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