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All-In-One Guide to Airstream Basecamp Appraisal

All-In-One Guide to Airstream Basecamp Appraisal

Recreational vehicles (RV) have been around for a long time and the airstream is arguably the most iconic of them all. Airstreams have been the choice of numerous Americans because of the vivid advantages it has over other trailers and campers. Airstreams can be used in almost all seasons for travel and leisure purposes. Here at Benchmark, we are well renowned for our world-class Airstream Basecamp Appraisal services which we have been serving for the past few decades.

One can spend a warm and nice time with their family and friends, without worrying about luggage, space and capacity. With more and more Americans wanting to drive and travel on road, RVs have been in high demand.


Airstream Appraiser

Airstream Company was founded by Wally Byum. Byum was an attorney in Los Angeles who started making trailers in his home garage in the early 1920s. Later in the 1930s Byum acquired rights for the company and built a prototype trailer named ‘The Clipper’. This was the first prototype of the Airstream Company. This $1200 prototype had a sausage shape with an aluminium body and was a wind-resistant unit. This classic and iconic design is still prevalent in the present model of Airstream basecamp appraisal.

The company was doing so well that it even survived The Great Depression. It was only after World War 2 ended that Byum could resume production. This was because the American economy recovered from the Great Depression and businesses started blooming again.

Later, Byum closed the California plant and shifted the production to Ohio where he also started manufacturing Class A motor homes for a few years before eventually discontinuing them. He also started the production of Class B motor homes. Some of the Class B motor home models have been discontinued. The latest introduction in Class B motor homes is ‘Touring Coach’ which has been released recently.


One of the most popular and iconic American trailer brand, Airstream has many coaches which are oval in shape. They have small sizes and are usually oval or rounded in size. They look good and have various practical features.

A few highlights of Airstreams are:

  • Air Conditioning System.
  • Built-in heater.
  • UV Resistant.
  • LED Television.
  • Blu-ray Panels.
  • Powered Beds.

AIRSTREAM BASECAMP APPRAISAL: Build Quality of Airstream Trailers:

Airstream trailers’ outer shell is made up of an aluminium alloy. The alloy of aluminium is light in weight. This not only makes it easy to pull but also helps with better fuel efficiency. The Airstream trailers have a very distinctive look with an immaculate design. Aluminium as a metal block UV rays thus making the Airstream trailer UV resistant. Aluminium also has various other advantages such as resistance to cracks and erosion. Aluminium, unlike iron, does not rust resulting in the long life of the trailer’s shell and body. Airstream trailers also come equipped with an enamel roof-top which helps keep the cabin cool.

In future, the aluminium frame of the trailers will be replaced by fibreglass or carbon fibre. Fibre is lighter and stronger than aluminium. This will further increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the weight of the overall setup with increased loading capacity.


The Airstream trailers can be broadly categorized into three types based on gross vehicle weights:

  • Small
  • Mid-Size
  • Full Size
  • Small Level:

The beginner level in the airstream trailer category, this size further consists of 4 models which are as follows:

  • Basecamp
  • Nest
  • Bambi
  • Caravel

This segment trailer has a length ranging anywhere between 16 to 22 feet and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) under 4,700 pounds. It is suitable for a mid-segment SUV because of its lightweight and small size.

Airstream Basecamp appraisal is the highest-selling model of the company and is loved by many Americans.

  • Mid Level:

This segment has further 3 models which are:

  • Flying Cloud
  • International
  • Globetrotter

Trailers that fall under this segment have an average length between 22 to 30 feet and have a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) of 7,475 pounds.

  • Full Size:

Full size has only one model, namely The Classic. It has a length of either 31 feet or 30 feet with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds. It can be attached to a towing truck or a powerful pickup truck such as the Ford F-150 Raptor.

AIRSTREAM BASECAMP APPRAISAL: Reasons why you should buy Airstream Trailers.

  • Best in class Quality:
    More than 70% of the trailers sold by Airstream are still in working condition and service. This aggregate is more than enough to highlight the amazing build quality and overall reliability of the trailer. The aluminium alloy makes the body of the trailer strong. Not only that, but it also prevents your trailer from erosion and rust. You can buy a used trailer and it won’t be very hard to start it. Airstream trailers stand the test of time and thus are very sturdy. These trailers are very durable and versatile in nature.
  • Design:
    Airstream trailers have a unique design to them which is very different to that of any other traditional camper or RV. Despite having a similar design which is a round or an oval, Airstream trailers stand out from the crowd because they look elegant. The body has a classic metallic shine which looks pretty and old school. They do have some fancy features such as sporty alloy wheels and a body with some cuts and creases.There are various models to choose from. You can look into vivid options depending on your requirements. You can go through the various models mentioned before to get a basic idea of what your requirements are.
  • Premium Interiors:
    One of the highlighting features of the airstream trailers is the premium interior it comes equipped with. It has high-quality leather with soft-touch materials in vivid places that give it a premium touch. Not only this, the airstream trailer comes equipped with a variety of features. The trailer comes with a ventilation system that allows the free flow of air. It also has a built-in heating system to keep you warm during winter. Other features include LED television for your entertainment, a doorbell, powered beds for comfort and much more. The air conditioning system has an auto-adjust function wherein it adjusts itself depending on the outside weather and temperature.
  • Pricing:
    One of the downsides of Airstream is the pricing. Their price range between $45,000 and $145,000 depending on the model you are buying and the accessories to be added on. The pricing depends on the model as well. For example, a full-size classic trailer will be way more expensive than a basecamp, nest or even a flying cloud. You can also opt for a used one which you can get at a 20% cheaper price. A 20% decline is not much but it helps for sure.You can also opt for the older 1980s model which will be cheaper and will cost you around $8,000. But then, the renovation along with painting and denting will result in high costs. This is one of the major reasons for the declining popularity of Airstream trailers. Make sure that the trailer is not damaged and can be reused.

Concluding Factor:

Despite high prices, Airstream basecamp appraisal is very popular among Americans. You can also see many Airstreams from the 1970s hitting the road which is more than enough evidence for Airstream’s reliability and solid build quality.

Airstream trailers are loaded with a ton of features as discussed before, which makes your stay and travel convenient. You do not need external heaters or a tent/bed as Airstream basecamp appraisal comes equipped with these. The build quality and touch feedback of the interior is top-notch. It is undoubtedly the best RV you can buy out there. The amenities Airstream provide is a level up when compared to other camper vans and trailers.

Looking for trusted Airstream Appraisal in the United States? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Benchmark Auto Appraisal will help you find the right trailer for the right price. Our team will extensively provide you with details regarding used airstream basecamp appraisal so that you get the right price and all the features and amenities that you are looking for.

Benchmark Auto Appraisals follow the designated appraisal procedure which meets all USPAP Standards so that the customers get a clear assessment of the trailer of their choice. We are an experienced company with numerous satisfied customers over the year.


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All-In-One Guide to Airstream Basecamp Appraisal

Daniel “Dan” Jendrowski

Certified Public Auto Appraiser Diminish Value Experts B.C.A.A. & I.A.C.P.

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