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A Definitive Guide to Airstream Travel Trailer Appraisal

A Definitive Guide to Airstream Travel Trailer Appraisal

Travel trailers are recreational vehicles that come in a variety of sizes and are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. It is the pandemic that has changed the way people travel and increased the demand for travel trailers. An Airstream trailer is a house-on-wheels that offers you the liberty to customize the interiors as you please. Airstream is a renowned American brand famous around the globe for its travel trailers. If you are thinking about purchasing a second-hand Airstream travel trailer or selling your travel trailer, here is everything you need to know about Airstream travel trailer appraisal.

For more than 90 years, Airstream has catered to the unique needs of all types of drivers. Known for its excellent interior and impressive features, travel trailers are the dream vehicle for every adventure lover. Such is the vehicle’s longevity that nearly 70 percent of the total no. of Airstream travel trailers ever manufactured are still found on the road. And out of all Airstream travel trailers sold in 2022, International, Flying Cloud, and Globetrotter models comprise 55% of the sales. The average price of the vehicle ranges between USD $ 65000 and $ 90000.

What is an auto appraisal and why is Airstream travel trailer appraisal crucial?

In the automotive industry, an auto appraisal is a standardized process to find out the fair price of a used vehicle. It is an official estimation of what a vehicle’s worth and is of great use during the selling or purchasing of a second-hand vehicle. As the appraisal report takes into consideration every detail about the vehicle, it will help you negotiate better. So, accurate and professional value appraisal is mandatory while trading a vehicle.

The decision to sell your travel trailer must have been a tough one. But since you have compelling reasons to sell it, how do you proceed with it? The first question that comes to your mind is what your asking price should be. An Airstream travel trailer is an asset, and it is important to figure out its blue book value. This will help you recoup as much money as possible and there are multiple ways of doing that.

Airstream travel trailers appraisal: top reasons why people buy Airstream trailers

airstream travel trailers appraiser

  1. Size- 30’ in the average size of an Airstream trailer. So, they are neither too massive nor too small – making it convenient for drivers to drive through narrow roads in rural and urban regions.
  2. Amazing interior- It is not just a vehicle, but your second home. From branded faucets to leather cushioning, Airstream offers a range of luxurious amenities. So, you can be certain to have the best travel experience with your pets and family.
  3. Quality- The most promising factor in Airstream trailers is the quality. Even if you buy an old one, it is going to serve you for years.
  4. Ethnicity- Who doesn’t love traveling in style and being wild and free? Airstream trailers come in unique designs and have elegant displays. They have a range of options for every type of driver.

Importance of Airstream Travel Trailer Appraisal Whether you wish to sell your vehicle to an independent buyer or a dealer, finding out what it’s worth is a must. This vital information will simplify your process of selling the Airstream travel trailer. Getting the vehicle appraised by a professional is essential as the person is an expert in this department and will consider every aspect.

Moreover, the main agenda of dealers is to make as much profit as they can. So, they always try to find faults and undermine a used vehicle. Knowing the market value of your travel trailer will save you from getting duped by a shrewd dealer. If one dealer in your locality offers far less than what you should get, you will be able to approach other dealers.

Why is Airstream Travel Trailer Appraisal more complex than car appraisal? When it comes to determining the price, travel trailers are more like homes than cars. Someone buying a car is looking for a vehicle to commute smoothly. So, all the potential buyer cares about are the mileage, age, safety features, and condition of the car. But in a travel trailer people look at several aspects like storage space, floor plan, length, model type, trim, kitchen, how capacity, drain system, and the list is unending.

So, naturally, travel trailers are a lot more expensive than cars, and this will surely work in your favor. The high price is why many people look for used ones in good condition and the demand for second-hand travel trailers is always high.

How to determine the value of your vehicle through Airstream Travel Trailer Appraisal?

What are the best ways of determining how much your precious travel buddy is worth?

  1. You can browse through travel trailer ads on resale sites to have an idea about the average price for used travel trailers in your neighborhood. However, keep in mind that the price you see is the asking price and the sale price finalized could be significantly less.
  2. There are valuation websites where you can enter details about your vehicle like age, model, mileage, etc. to know its value. Make sure you check the sale value on multiple sites instead of blindly relying on one.
  3. Dealership appraisal is another common type of appraisal in which your dealer studies your travel trailer and quotes a price. A dealer cares about his own profit and his intention is not to get you the best ROI. So, approach several dealers and choose the one that offers the maximum price.
  4. Opting for professional appraisal services is the best way of getting an unbiased opinion on the perfect value for your used Airstream travel trailer. They conduct detailed background research and have the necessary tools to find out the fair value of any vehicle.

Why spend money on appraisal services for Airstream Travel Trailer appraisal?

You should never shy away from hiring a professional appraiser only to save some money. The reason is simple. Your appraiser will give you the most accurate appraisal after considering its make, mileage, age, and model. Getting your travel trailer appraised by an experienced agency will thus strengthen your position as a seller and the appraisal report will come in handy when you bargain. So, the money that you spend is nothing in comparison to the profits you’ll make later.

Pros and Cons of getting your travel trailer appraised by a dealership?

In this process, the dealership sends an individual to minutely check your travel trailer and then offer you a price. They generally ask for the maintenance records and it is important to keep that up to date. The maintenance record is what tells the buyer how well you have maintained the vehicle. In addition, they also check the age, mileage, wear and tear, upgrades available and the overall condition of the car.

One advantage of seeking a dealership appraisal is that you can sell off your vehicle quickly. So, people who are in hurry to sell off their Airstream travel trailer generally approach dealers. They also handle the paperwork.

The biggest disadvantage of selling your vehicle to a dealer instead of a private party is getting less than what it’s worth. They will make your travel trailer appear as good as new and sell it for a much higher price. But what they’ll offer you will be far less. So, even if you have to sell the travel trailer to a dealer, make sure you negotiate.

Smart ways to increase your travel trailer’s value before appraisal and selling

Try these simple tricks and tips to help your travel trailer perform better in the appraisal test:

  1. Clean it thoroughly to get rid of the smell and stains and apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls before showing it to buyers.
  2. One quick and inexpensive upgrade is to provide built-in USB ports.
  3. Put your travel trailer on the market at the beginning of Spring or Summer. As most people plan family trips in these seasons, the demand for travel trailers spikes up.
  4. Provide some sleek storage options as it is an essential element in motorhomes.
  5. Installing some cool features like automatic locks and lights will cost you only a few bucks but instantly raise the value of your used vehicle.
  6. Safety features are the main thing that people look for in a vehicle, old or new. Add some safety upgrades like a smart smoke detector to impress every buyer.
  7. Last but not the least, making your vehicle fully efficient will increase its resale value.

So, update your motorhome and make some small changes to increase its sale value.


So, selling your travel trailer doesn’t have to be a stressful decision if you know how to approach it. Getting an appraisal report is the first step to ensuring you get a good price for it. While you are bidding adieu to your trustworthy travel companion, make sure you do the due diligence to know what it’s worth.

A Definitive Guide to Airstream Travel Trailer Appraisal

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