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10 techniques to increase the value of car during auto appraisal

10 techniques to increase the value of car during auto appraisal

Buying a new car is a great decision if you’re financially in good shape to purchase the wheels. A large number of assets increase in value with time but the same policy doesn’t apply with cars as they quickly depreciate in value. Are you wondering what to do with the old car? we are sure that you don’t have the patience to wait for a private buyer and you must be planning to sell it to a dealer in exchange for a new car. There is nothing to worry about if you own an auto appraisal but if you don’t have one then get ready to face a severe loss as the dealer will quickly devalue your vehicle.

As mentioned above, cars devalue quickly and a recent report also states that the cars depreciate 30 per cent price and worth within in one year of purchase and the amount reaches 50 per cent within three years of purchase. In such cases, having an auto appraisal certificate will keep you on the safer side while exchanging your car for a brand new model.

You must follow some essential tips before you start searching for a car appraisal near me on the internet and surf through diverse companies to ensure that you get a good exchange price. We will be providing 10 tips to keep a car healthy and to increase its trade-in value while exchanging it with a dealer. Before we could start the list let us understand the factors which become essential while fetching an auto appraisal. 

Factors that affect the value of the car during an auto appraisal

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  • Year: The manufacturing year of the model plays a huge role in determining the price of the vehicle. The newer the vehicle is higher the price is because the dealer must be expecting that he will sell it quickly in the second-hand market. Well, it is not the case always like one or two-year models can compete and can also outperform the new models so it is totally a game of demand and supply.
  • Mileage: One thing you have to ensure is the used car buyers are buying it because of financial strain hence they must be expecting a car with decent mileage to save their valuable money. If your used car doesn’t provide average mileage then its market value will heavily depreciate.
  • Demand: As discussed early, demand is the case as dealers love to pay for cars that are popular in the market than the ones which have a dry market value.
  • Brand And Type: The “make” or brand of the vehicle becomes an essential aspect as dealers love to buy branded vehicles as they can sell them quickly when compared to a cheap brand vehicle. If you own a vehicle from popular brands like Hyundai, Mercedes, or Volkswagen then you can expect a good share while reselling it. A lot of used car buyers in the United States are pretty much interested in SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) when compared to sedans and hatchbacks.
  • Condition: At last, you have to ensure that your vehicle is doing well at both exteriors and interiors. Indeed, a well-maintained and healthy vehicle will bring you a good price when compared to the ones with poor maintenance.

Now that you have a rough sketch of do’s and don’ts in your mind let us move on to the top 10 tips which can increase the value of the vehicle.

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 1. Maintenance can keep the car’s worth intact

If you are expecting a fair price in the resale market then you must properly maintain your car in good condition. If you don’t maintain your car properly then you may not discover small repairs which can get worse and lead to heavy repair costs. On the other hand, by keeping a car in a healthy condition you can ensure that you get a chance to confidently speak about the car during negotiation with the dealer or private buyer.

Also, a lot of sellers also spend a lot of amount heavy repairs at the time of vehicle appraisal but this will not increase the cost of the vehicle as the money you will spend on repairs must be compensated with the resale price you get in the market. If you are a car expert then you must be well-aware about maintenance and if you aren’t an automobile expert then schedule a regular checkup for your car for proper maintenance.

2. Looks of your car matter a lot

Alongside regular maintenance, it is equally paramount to keep your car free from three Ds Dents, Dust, and Dings to increase the value of the car during the appraisal. According to expert auto  appraisers cleaning a car on regular basis and washing it before automobile appraisal can increase the market value of the vehicle. On the other hand, regular cleaning of your car will also ensure that you don’t have to spend more during a single cleaning session. Experts also recommend the car owners not use abrasive products as they can be hard on the paint and can make the car look dull.

Also, your car wouldn’t look good with too many dents and digs hence you have to ensure that your car is free from dents. You can also fetch help from professional dent removing experts who can do the job at only 100 US dollars which is quite affordable. Keeping a car dent and dust-free will look like you have directly brought it from the showroom.

3. Never forget to carry service documents

You may have to drive back home from the appraisal’s place if you forget to carry the service documents of the vehicle. All the professional and certified appraisers demand service documents as they attach with the appraisal to ensure that the car is well-maintained and the buyers get full information about past service records of the vehicle. The service paper will contain vital details like oil changes, tire changes, body and paint repairs, and engine maintenance which can help the auto appraisers in determining the cost of the vehicle.

4. Never mix up both the prices

If you are exchanging your old car with a dealer and buying a new car then ensure that you don’t make both deals on the same day. Don’t commit the mistake of providing the trade-in value or never commit to any verbal value of the car as it will give an idea to the dealers. You must always think about the new purchase and skip the topic which can make things complicated for the dealers.

5. Why parking place of a vehicle is important?

It is always recommended by the experts to keep your car in a sheltered place. The impact of natural elements like rain and sunlight can make your car’s paint look dull and can also melt the rubbers present on the windshield wipers which can cause troubles during driving and can increase the maintenance cost. Too much exposure to heat can also easily break sensitive components of the car and can cause severe damage to the vehicle. Moreover, a bird’s droppings can severely impact the paint of the vehicle because of the acidic nature.

6. Replace your tires on a regular basis

Apart from all other aspects the wheels or tires of the cars can severely affect the reselling price of the vehicle because they face the highest wear and tear. If you want your car to look shiny then you must include wheels as they contribute to the cosmetics of the vehicle. You can also remove dirt from wheels by regular washing and also ensure that your car’s wheels are shining when you drive it to the appraiser.

7. Safe driving

At the end of the day, your driving style will determine the natural condition of the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how much service you give to your car or how shiny your car looks, if you don’t know to drive your car safely then get ready to face losses. A higher number of collisions will significantly depreciate your car’s value.

8. Never commit to a single dealer

Always try to follow the habit of shopping around and not getting committed to the first dealer you meet. The habit of shopping around will increase your chance of getting a higher-priced deal which you might miss while committing or trading the car with the first dealer you meet in the market.

9. Always shop for cars that retain their value

It is not a tip that you can use while selling your vehicle but it can help you in saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars while buying a new vehicle. You don’t have to worry about the resale value if you buy a vehicle that retains its value.

10. Follow a habit to pen down charges

You must follow the habit of writing down every single maintenance repair which your car has undergone from the day of the purchase to the day of the appraisal. It will ensure that you have taken good car of the vehicle and the dealers might pay more for a vehicle in good condition.

Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is the leading automobile appraiser in California and Utah. BAA or Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is founded by Daniel Jendrowski who is a certified appraiser from the American Society of Appraisers and Independent Appraisal Certification Program and started the company with the vision of providing the best assessment for any vehicle which reaches their door front for an appraisal. They also meet all standards as set by Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, which can help you in determining the right price of the vehicle. You can book your free consultation for an auto appraisal right now at 1-877-888-6113 or click here to know more.

10 techniques to increase the value of car during auto appraisal

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