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Best DIY Bus and Van Conversion ideas to watch out

Best DIY Bus and Van Conversion ideas to watch out

Living in vans and buses is quite popular among the millennial generation, who loves to be unique and attractive. Dreaming about living in bus and van conversion is only 1% of the job done because building a van or a bus into a comfortable living space is not a child’s play. It requires planning, dedication, money and demands a lot of time from the owners.

Today, we will discuss DIY bus and van conversion ideas which you will not find on the internet. We will also discuss Van Vs. Bus Conversion and mention some essential tips for all the new innovators building their own living space on a van or a bus. Here we go!

Why go with Van and Bus vs. RV or a luxurious motorhome?

Well, most people argue on the internet that why explorers should waste their time and money on building a van or a bus into living space when the options are readily available in the market. Some people also say that low on budget people can either purchase or rent a second-hand RV on the go.

The first and foremost reason behind bus and van conversion is that it gives people an independent living space to customize according to their needs. Secondly, buses and vans are quite reliable compared to an RV or a motorhome that is not made with the highest quality materials. Moreover, bus or van conversions also give an option for owners to build according to their budget, which is not available with a luxurious motorhome where they have to settle with provided amenities.

The mileage of buses and vans is quite interesting, and most of them are well-maintained by their owners. Compared to bus and van conversion RVs and motorhomes are not used every day and are especially low on mileage and power. Most of the time, they have to rest, then it is sure that you have to face engine and mileage problems if you are buying a second-hand RV or camper. On the other hand buses and vans are used constantly hence they have a healthy engine and life.


Undoubtedly, buses and vans win the competition compared to RVs or motorhomes, but it doesn’t mean they are off the trend. Even today, thousands of Americans love to go with a convention RV, yet van and bus conversions are dominating the current trends, making them the winners.

List of some of the best DIY Bus and Van Conversion ideas:

1. Cabin on Wheels:

If you like to be traditional and savvy, then the “Cabin on wheels” conversion idea is all you need to make your trip successful. In this type of DIY conversion, you will need a lot of wood and some creative ideas to make your van and bus look like a wooden cabin in the forest. Wooden furniture can be expensive, but it looks really elegant and classy and adds a rich look to the overall interior of the vehicle. From walls to ceilings and floors to doors, you will need a lot of high-quality wood to make your wooden cabin on wheels.

2. Off the grid idea for Sprinter Vans:

If you own a sprinter van or any other vehicle of the same size, then this is the best do-it-yourself idea for your tiny home. You can mix up conventional wood interiors with modern furniture to create a balanced living space where you can enjoy both modern features and traditional durability. Most of the sprinter van owners use this idea with white and wooden finishes, which are readily available in the market and fit into the budget. You can also fit a TV or a comfortable sofa to relax and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies with your family.

3. White: “not all who wander are lost”

Next on our list of some of the best DIY bus and van conversions is the white design idea for all the people who like to be simple and unique. The white interior looks really beautiful and can also contrast with other colors and designs of flooring, doors, ceiling, and walls. If you and your spouse are only the ones who are going to use the van, then white design ideas are quite easy and comfortable. You can also add starlights at the ceilings to enhance the overall beauty of the conversion.

4. Capacious designs for a team of explorers:

The spacious designs are great for people who own large vans or, specifically, buses. These designs ensure that you can fit in multiple beds and also provide enough room to move freely. You can also bring in two bathrooms and a kitchen with full utilities. You can have neutral wooden floors and cream-colored walls to make it a good team carrier. As you have a team of people to build the show, you will also have to battle with multiple ideas, and hence you will have to find the best option.

5. Ocean is beautiful and unexplored:

Undoubtedly, the ocean never ends on earth and fits in with the idea of people who are out on their conversion to explore the unexplored. The magnificent ocean idea is for all people who have Mercedes Sprinter vans loaded with fantastic features. Apart from being a futuristic design, the ocean theme also looks pretty cool and attractive. When your theme is the ocean, your designs are unrestricted, which means you have infinite options to select and make your van or bus conversion like an ocean on wheels. The blue color is what you will have to go when your theme is the ocean and hence let your creativity flow through living areas and bedrooms.

6. Hike and revive:

Do you have a tiny van, and you are confused about where to start? Here is what you will have to do to make your van a luxurious living space. Hike and revive is a brilliant idea for all small vans and for people for whom designing is daunting. Bunk beds running on the sides of the van or bus ensure that you get enough space to move, eat, and rest.

Well, the list can go on forever, but we will have to halt it right now and move into the next section of the content, which is essential for all the people who are still wandering for the right bus or van for conversion.

Things to consider while shopping for Bus or Van for conversions:

luxurious motorhome

Before selecting any of the designs mentioned above, you will need a van or bus conversion. There are various things which you will have to consider while shopping for a second-hand bus or van. From designs to size and from mileage to tires, here’s what you will have to do while shopping for bus and van conversions.

Size is crucial:

While building a customized home on wheels, the first and foremost consideration is the number of people you will sufficiently accommodate indoors. If you live in the center of the city, then driving and parking a large vehicle can be quite complicated; hence sprinter vans are the best options available in the market. The size and number of people on the trip will also ultimately decide the DIY cost of conversion of the bus.

Know your Bus or Van Conversion cost:

Before you start dreaming about designs, it is equally important to focus on the conversion cost. You will have to sit with your partner or team and start counting on the budget required for conversion. You will have to also pen down essential things like building materials, electrical appliances, heating systems, and toilet building costs which is the right way to build a DIY living space on a bus or van.

Make a floor plan:

You will have to plan your designs based on the size you have in the bus or van. It is like a puzzle game where you will have to fit all your essentials within the available floor space. Luckily, if you are not low on budget, then you can take help from a well-trained and highly qualified interior designer who will get the job done for you in no time.

Selecting the right vehicle:

In the end, you will have to shop for the right vehicle, or else you will have to spend most of your time on repairs at the mechanic repair shop and not on memorable trips with your family. If you are buying a vehicle from an unauthorized dealer or private owner, then it is better you can take help from a professional appraiser who can help you with the task.

Luckily, if you are looking for a certified automobile appraiser in California or New York, Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is the leading automobile appraiser in the US. With an experience of over 42 years, founder Daniel Jendrowski promises to offer the best appraisal service. Book your free consultation right now at 1-877-888-6113

Best DIY Bus and Van Conversion ideas to watch out

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