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Camper Van Appraisal

Camper Van Appraisal

Camper van appraisal – A quick guide to camper van depreciation and what to look for while hiring a camper van appraiser

Taking a tour of your country with your family and friends in a camper van is one of the most amazing adventures you can have for a full-on holiday experience. But over time, your camper van may age, and there arises a depreciation in its value, for which you may have to call for a camper van appraiser to take charge of the evaluation. But what are the factors that affect the value of a camper van? How can a camper van appraiser help you determine your motor home’s exact value?

Factors affecting camper van appraisal – Depreciation Factors

camper van appraiser

It is said that campervans hardly retain 70% of their original value after serving a period of three years. The depreciation is considered at 10-15% per year for new ones depending on the model and make.

Here are a few depreciation factors that affect a camper van:

  1. Time
    Time is one of the most challenging depreciation factors to combat. With time, the value of a camper van is prone to go downhill. In fact, it is said that as soon as you buy a camper van and take it out from the showroom, its value decreases by 20%. So, with time, you can never expect your camper vans to be sold for the same price as what you initially bought them.
  2. External damages
    Appearances also matter a lot when it comes to selling an old camper van. External damages are prone to accrue on your camper vans even if you are a pro driver. Minor dents, scratches, and dings may show up on your vehicle without even letting you have the slightest idea about the same. But whatever the case, such damages cannot be ignored and stands to be a reason for a drastic depreciation in the present market value of a camper van. Slight flaws and dents on the external surface of the vehicle can be a spoiler, but the good news is that it can be repaired without burning a hole in your pocket. To ensure that your camper van looks fantastic externally, consider getting it repaired before getting a camper van appraisal to increase its sale value.
  3. Water damages
    Camper vans that have showers, sinks, and toilets also have a water tank which is usually installed beneath the vehicle and, in some cases, have interior water tanks. The water tanks may fall prey to leakages and cause water to drip inside the vehicle, which gives birth to molds and rust if not administered at the right time. In other cases, inclement weather conditions such as heavy rains and winds can also cause water damages which may naturally degrade the value of your campervans. Make sure you keep a check on leakages and any such water damage that can cause substantial depreciation of your vehicle.
  4. Maintenance
    Lack of maintenance can affect the long life of a camper van. If you do not maintain your vehicles and do not give them for routine servicing and maintenance, the cost of the camper van is sure to come down. Potential buyers of camper vans are more interested in the service records and receipts of the vehicle. Hence, consider scheduling servicing of your camper vans to prevent a crash in the resale value.
  5. Brand
    Everyone has a brand preference for almost everything they come across. Everyone is keen on their favorite brands, whether it be a perfume brand or a vehicle. Influential brands of campervans are prone to search for a good resale value over their generic counterparts. A good brand name is an influential factor that contributes to the quality of the vehicle and thus does not witness a huge depreciation. Furthermore, a trusted brand depreciates a little slowly compared to other generic equivalents. And, you can expect a good amount coming your way if you own a branded camper van.
  6. Parking the vehicle outdoors
    Parking a camper van uncovered outdoors can acutely deteriorate the value of your vehicle. The weather condition can cause your vehicles to corrode and may force you to break your bank to get the repair work done. On the contrary, excessive heat and cold climatic conditions can also let pests and other insects make their way inside your vehicles to find shelter.Thus, instead of storing your vehicles outside to face the wrath of nature, park them inside a garage to prevent moisture, corrosion, and pests that can give you a tough time hunting for a potential buyer.
  7. Class and type
    Campervans can be distinct and belong to different classes and categories. Class A campervans are the most expensive ones out of the three categories and thus can search you more resale value. On the other hand, class B campervans are less expensive and may not get you huge resale value.

Why do you need to get a camper van appraisal?

The value of campervans is never the same, a regular campervan may not cost a huge amount, but a luxurious campervan may definitely be worth a million dollars. Thus, it is necessary to get a camper van appraisal for your vehicle to find out the exact worth of the campervan as per the present market trends and value.

Camper van appraisal provides an exact evaluation and financial worth of the vehicles. It is a beneficial approach that everyone should follow to not to get duped while purchasing or selling a campervan. Camper van appraisals are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • When you plan to sell or buy a vintage campervan, getting an appraisal done for your vehicle is an ideal option to reap the right value for the campervan.
  • Camper van appraisals are important in cases of divorce and similar settlements so that the exact value of such shared possessions can be evaluated and accordingly distributed amongst the claiming parties.

Duties of an auto appraiser

When your campervan encounters an accident, and you wish to know the present value of your vehicle to get rid of your campervan, you should call for a vehicle appraiser. But what are the things that you should expect from a campervan appraiser? Here we pen down the duties of a campervan appraiser:

  • They will take photographs of the damaged vehicle.
  • They are required to visit the accident spot to inspect the damaged campervan.
  • They are expected to interact with the insurance provider about claims and possible payouts.
  • They can also interview the driver, and other people who are involved or witnesses of the accident.
  • They may also coordinate with the repair technicians for campervan repairs.
  • They also calculate the insurance claims for campervan damage.

Qualities of a good auto appraiser

A camper van appraiser stands responsible for a plethora of things, and thus it is crucial to hire genuine camper van appraisers to take up the task of vehicle evaluation. From visual inspection to evaluating the exact worth of a camper van, preparing a checklist, checking out the damages, and taking a test drive, there is a multitude of tasks shouldered by a camper van appraiser. Hence, here are a few qualities that you should look for making the right choice of hiring a camper van appraiser:

  1. Ability to focus on the details
    A camper van that has encountered an accident surely accrues damages. A camper van appraiser should be keen enough to notice the details and analyze the vehicle carefully. They should also be able to assess the papers, take photographs and determine the damages. Paying heed to minute details is a quality that every camper van appraiser should possess to get acquainted with all the details required for evaluating the actual worth of the vehicle.
  2. Knowledge about the industry
    Camper van appraisers should also be well-versed in the insurance sector and have the tact of dealing with insurance policy claims. They should also be technically sound and have knowledge about the vehicle parts and repairs to find out an approximate claim value for the insurance policyholders.
  3. Good communication
    A camper van appraiser is expected to talk to a lot of people. Ranging from clients to technicians to insurance company representatives, they have to speak to a bunch of people as a part of their duty to figure out a correct evaluation. Hence they need to have good communication skills to liaise with different parties. Good communication skill is the essence of effective client handling. Thus, you should always search for an appraiser who has the power of speech.
  4. Organization skills
    A camper van appraiser should have an organized approach to compiling reports and collecting details and facts for every case they handle. They should be able to discover even the smallest dents, scratches, and any wear and tear symptoms. They should also be able to visually inspect the vehicle before forming an opinion about the same while taking into account the registration of the vehicle, accident documents, license plate, maintenance records, etc.


Camper van depreciation is something that comes eventually when your camper vans turn old. We hope this guide gives you a quick sneak peek into the factor that affects the price drop in camper vans and helps you choose a worthy camper van appraiser. So what are you waiting for? Amidst the plethora of camper van appraisers in the industry, make sure to use the above checklist as a guide to help you connect with an experienced auto appraiser who can help you reap fruitful profits while you plan to sell your camper van.


Camper Van Appraisal

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