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Campervan Appraisal: How to plan an epic campervan trip

Campervan Appraisal: How to plan an epic campervan trip

Having a campervan is like living a dream as you can travel anywhere with peace of mind. You can enjoy the freedom of exploring your favourite destinations, which you might have missed because of the absence of the campervan—the millions of happy moments and quality time which you spend with your loved ones. There is no price or valuation for love, and the same goes with your lovely campervan. Your old and adorable partner needs a campervan appraisal before you can sell it. But before we start discussing campervan appraisal, let us discuss some tips on how to plan an epic campervan trip. Maybe it is your last trip with your old buddy.

What makes a Campervan different from Motorhome and RV?


One of the most common mistakes buyers make is confusing campervan with motorhomes and RVs (Recreational Vehicles). So, to ensure that all the readers don’t get confused, let us categorize and point out differences between a campervan, motorhome, and recreational vehicles.

Recreational Vehicle:
RV or recreational vehicles are like an umbrella term in Northern America that one can use for campervans and motorhomes.

A motorized vehicle is ideal for camping. One of the key highlights of the camper’s vans is they can only load up to two 2 or 3 berths.

Motorhomes are large, and most of them have 6-8 berths and are designed on a long-wheelbase. Motorhomes also have a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, making them a home running on wheels.

So, now that all the readers are clear with the camper van let us plan an epic to make this summer vacation even more beautiful.

Factors to consider while selecting campervan after

Selecting the right campervan:

There is no doubt that you will be spending most of the time in your Campervan. Moreover, the amount of time you will spend inside will depend on the weather and various other conditions. It is vital to select the right Campervan to ensure that you can enjoy your trip without breaks.

Moreover, you will have to decide whether you will have your meal on board or you will stop for meal breaks at your favorite restaurants. If you are planning to cook meals on board, you should also go for the campervans compatible with induction stoves or cooktops. You can also take help from hire companies who will help you in selecting the right Campervan for your journey.

Renting space on the first and last days of your trip:

It is a great idea to rent a space to rest on the first and last day of your trip. It is one of the best ways to relax as you are well aware of the fact that you have a place to stay and rest and to watch the sunset. Moreover, if your first destination of the trip is too far to drive, then it is important to take a rest at night. You are also not aware of the conditions; hence it is better to be on the safe side by hiring a place to rest.

The same formula applies to your return trip as you might be far from your home while driving back home. You will also need to rest on the last day of the trip to ensure that you are fresh during the next day at the office. When you rent a place you have to use it wisely and to do so, you have to take enough rest and have a nice breakfast before you depart from the place. Places for campervans are reserved before months hence you have to book it in advance to make your trip extra special.

Planning is crucial for campervan trips:

You cannot always be driving as it will bore your passengers and make your trip stressful and boring. If you are planning for a long-distance trip, you can rest and explore various spots before reaching your final destination. If you have a beach on the route, then what about having some fun with your kids and wife. You can also grill BBQ and can take some rest to prevent your co-passengers from asking questions, “Are we There”? So, if you want to prevent your family trip from getting boring, then you must offer adventure to all your clients.

Categorize your power needs:

Are you planning to take a laptop, hairdryer, and induction cooktop along with you? If yes, then you must check whether the campervan which you hire has enough generator power to fulfil all your needs. If you have booked a site to rest, then you must also check with their prospectus to check for electricity. All your electronic goods are trash. If you don’t have electricity to power, then hence try to carry minimum goods to make your trip a family trip and not a business trip.


Unfortunately, if you are late and don’t find a space to book your trip, then you must look for alternate options where you can park your campervan. Although most of the modern campervans come with rear-end cameras to assist in parking, you can only use this feature if you find the right place to park. If you are planning to visit a small village or town, then you can leave your camper on the outskirts of the city and explore the town on any public transport.

The ultimate campervan appraisal guide:

There is no doubt that your campervan is a trusty ticket every time you plan a vacation. Selling it can be heart-breaking as you have spent a lot of quality time with your loved ones on board. You have to appraise your campervan if you are not going to sell it in the near future. A campervan appraisal certifies the right value of your campervan as it helps you in getting fair deals.

At the same time, if you are a used campervan buyer, then the appraisal will ensure that you invest in the right vehicle. Here is the ultimate guide about Campervan appraisal guide.

Type of the campervan:

The first and foremost question which every certified automobile appraiser will ask during valuation is the type of your camper. Whether your camper is a traveler, van, caravan, or it does have some add-ons, it will help them evaluate your vehicle and decide its true value.

Condition of the vehicle:

If you are selling the campervan to a private buyer, then they want to spend their quality time with family; hence it is obvious that they will even pay more than their budget if they find a well-maintained vehicle. Whereas a dealer will sell the vehicle after modification hence the condition of the campervan plays a deciding role in valuation. The appraiser will check the age, comfort, and model of the camper as it is their standard operating procedure.

Apart from the condition of the camper, the appraisers or buyers would also check the interiors as they will spend most of their time inside the camper. If you are planning to sell your old camper van, then you have to make it ready by upgrading to get a better price.


There is no doubt that you will use the campervan only during family occasions and not every weekend. Most of the time, your campervan will be resting in your garage. Moreover, if you don’t spend on the maintenance charges of the van, then it will adversely affect its resale value.

Undoubtedly, vehicles there well-maintained by the owners attract buyers and also give a chance to sellers to demand a better price. However, if your vehicle is not well-maintained, then there is no room for negotiation as the buyer would cunningly love to drop the prices. It is significant for all the owners to regularly scheduled maintenance checks of the camper to keep it in an ideal condition.

Renting history of the vehicle:

Most campervan owners like to rent it to make some extra money when they are not using the vehicle. If you are renting your vehicle, you will have to ensure that wear and tear will reduce the vehicle’s resale value. The accident history will also play a critical role during the valuation of the vehicle. Campervan renting is extremely popular as most people could not afford it while the rest of them don’t want to manage it all the time. Therefore, renting a camper van is a good idea, but you have to also ensure that you don’t give your campervan into the wrong hands.


Campervan trips are amazing as it brings your loved ones closer and it makes you free from work stress. If you plan to buy or sell a used campervan in New York, you can seek help from Benchmark Auto Appraisers LCC. They are the leading automobile appraisers in New York. They can help you in making the right deal as their founder Daniel R. Jendrowski believes that no one has to compromise with prices when they are well aware of the worth of the vehicle. Book your free consultation now or call us at 1-877-888-6113.

Campervan Appraisal: How to plan an epic campervan trip

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