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Caravan Appraisal: things you need to know before living in a caravan

Caravan Appraisal: things you need to know before living in a caravan

Finally, you are all set to go on the first caravanning trip. Outstanding! It is one of the exciting tasks you would have dreamt of for years. It is also one of those unforgettable moments in human life. Towing a caravan back of your car also adds a bunch of new responsibilities on your shoulder. The task also gets complicated when looking for a used Caravan because you will have to deal with negotiation and Caravan Appraisal. 

Well, aspects like what to bring and what to avoid, how much time to drive and parking will keep striking your mind from the next second you have bought a Caravan. To help, we have brought some of the best tips to make your Caravan journey smooth and your holidays amazing.

1. Pen down all the essential items:

During your caravanning trip, you will need many items; hence you will need to write them down to keep it easy. The first and foremost job is to purchase the right Caravan based on your vehicle’s towing potential. You will also need add-ons like fire extinguishers, a Caravan jack, wheel clocks, insulation tape, oil and coolant, a spare fan belt, and towing mirrors.

All the items mentioned above are necessary for new Caravans. However, if you are shopping for a used caravan, you can get a few from the previous owner and shop for the rest based on your convenience.

2. Check your caravan before and after every trip:

Once you have equipped all the necessary equipment for the trip, you will have to make sure the Caravan is safe on the road. Similar to the first tip, you can either make a checklist of minor to major repairs and take your caravan to your nearest mechanic for a checkup.

If you suspect anything serious, get it repaired, and ignoring this might be risky for your loved ones and all other vehicles driving on the road. During the inspection, ensure that the towing aid of the caravan perfectly fits your car. Inspect all the doors and windows of the caravan along with loose drawers and secure them before it’s too late. At last, also check air vents, gas pipes, and lights of the caravan. Also, don’t forget to check the condition of the tires as you don’t want to stop on an unknown highway with your family and replace your tire.

3. Keep it easy:

Undoubtedly, if you ever feel that your speed is slowed down because of a huge camper at your back. Well, you are not the only person feeling the problem because other motorists coming back will also get affected when you drive slow if the road is a single-lane highway. Having a huge elephant-sized caravan needs time to get settled.

Apart from the frustration arising from slow driving, you will have to also keep an eye on the fuel consumption. Your driving speed is directly proportional to the fuel consumption. If you drive fast against the wind, you will have to pay more at fuel stations. Whereas driving slowly will help you in saving fuel, but you will have to compromise with time. On-road caravan drivers have to focus on all sides, especially when wildlife strays or wind can damage the sidings.

4. Starting early is a wise idea:

As mentioned above, you are going to block the road when driving along with the caravan. To avoid street fights from other motorists, you will have to start early. You can leave the city before sunrise when other drivers are asleep. Driving on empty roads will help you in saving a lot of time and energy.

5. Get ready to adjust for confined spaces

If it is your first caravanning trip, prepare well in advance to tackle confined spaces. You will provide room to your kids and partner whenever you come from the opposite direction. The scenario would be quite similar to Trans-Siberian trucking. One among the two truck drivers coming from the opposite direction has to allow the other to avoid a collision. Give everyone their own space and enjoy the trip.

6. Reversing a caravan requisite team spirit:

Apart from providing space to each other, you will also need teamwork at the time of parking. As mentioned above, parking a caravan for the first time will feel like climbing Mount Everest. When the concern is about parking your Caravan, you and your partner will have to work as a team. You can also use hand signals or whistles with which your partner can guide you in safe parking. Maintaining loud and clear sound is important to avoid dashing with other caravans and paying for repairs.

Tip: Be patient and don’t panic when parking a caravan.

7. Practice set-up routine:

Suppose it’s your first time setting up a caravan; practice doing it always before your next halt or at the start of your trip. Apply hand brand lower all four steadies and also unhitch the caravan when not needed. Once you have brought the caravan down, you can turn on the water and gas systems by connecting power.

8. Don’t take all opinions seriously:

Undoubtedly, when you turn on a radio during a long drive with your caravan, you will fall for shortcuts and quick lanes but never commit to such errors. First of all, you have a big caravan behind you, and going to short but rough trails can damage the expensive equipment stored inside the caravan. You might also damage the tires, and there might not be any help desk to fix it.

On the other hand, your heart can also fall for amazing bakeries and restaurants in the nearby location but ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations or get ready to pay a fine to the cops.

9. Why not enroll yourself in a caravan course?

Well, if you are serious about your caravanning future, you must take a complete course from your nearby caravan school. They provide various courses like Caravan courses for beginners where you can learn various trades at an affordable cost.

Apart from the course, it is paramount to have a trial run with your caravan as it will ultimately decide how well you will perform on the road.

10. Invest in the right vehicle:

When your loved ones’ happiness is at stake, you will have to play it safe. When the concern is about shopping for a caravan, whether used or new, clear all your doubts before signing the contract or making payment. Sometimes you can find old campers for lower prices, but repairs and maintenance can really be daunting in your pocket.

You can also take help from your nearest caravan appraisal professional who has the desired expertise in finding the right valuation of the vehicle.

Confused about shopping for the caravan? Follow the guide mentioned below.

Caravan Appraisal: used caravan buying guide:


Whether it is your first time or you are well-experienced with a caravan, selecting the right caravan is not an easy job. We have put together some vital tips which can help all the caravan shoppers out there.

Number of Axles:

Caravans are available in two axles, single axle (One pair of wheels), and double (Two pairs of wheels). The single-axle caravan is great for all beginners as they can easily hover it in and around the city. People who have small vehicles also can go with a single axle. On the other hand, twin or double-axle caravans are great for people having larger SUVs or pick-up trucks.

Number of Berths:

The number of people joining the trip also has a major impact on the selection of caravans. You can also buy an old caravan and restore it to personalize the caravan based on your needs. You can also use a measuring tape and plan for berths accordingly.

Folding Tents:

You can also attach a side tent to your camper to provide shade from scorching sunlight. The folding tent will also act as your portable camping tent, which you can take anywhere and everywhere. You will have to learn to install the tent and poles, and you are all set to go.

Parking Capacity:

You have to select a caravan based on the parking space available in your backyard. You can also rent a space to park your caravan, but that can uplift your maintenance cost. The decision of the selection is all up to you and your budget.

Caravan Appraisal:

If you are buying a second-hand caravan, you will need a caravan appraisal to ensure that you have purchased a good vehicle. On the other hand, the Caravan appraisal certificate will also boost the resale value of your old vehicle.

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Caravan Appraisal: things you need to know before living in a caravan

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