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Certified Motorcycle Appraiser – The ultimate guide To follow while looking and insuring a motorcycle

Certified Motorcycle Appraiser – The ultimate guide To follow while looking and insuring a motorcycle

Certified Motorcycle Appraiser – A lot of automobile owners fail to get the right value for their Vehicle as they follow typical psychology that used vehicles cannot be sold at adequate prices. If you are looking forward to selling your Vehicle, then Certified Appraisals can help you in determining the right price for your Vehicle. They assess the quality of the Vehicle in several aspects before coming to a final or current market value of the Vehicle. The people Benchmark Auto Appraisers act as an intermediate between buyers and sellers or insurance companies and help them by assessing the Vehicle’s accurate price.

According to a traditional saying, all bikes are unique in nature and are quite similar to DNA as no two being identical to others. One of the prominent concerns for all the bikers who want to sell or insure their custom or classic bike is that they cannot discover the uniqueness or lack in expressing them, which leads to decreasing the bike’s value. A Certified Motorcycle Appraiser is the best way to find out the right value of the used vehicle and get it insured properly.

Here is an essential guide for all the bikers, ATV or all-terrain vehicles for thrill and fun.  

Certified Motorcycle Appraiser

Certified Motorcycle Appraiser – What is the need for motorcycle appraisal?

Well, if you own a Custom, Classic, Bagger motorcycle, then getting a motorcycle appraisal is the best you can do to save your investment in case of a loss. Whether you own a customized All-Terrain-Vehicle or a classic 1951 Vincent lightning, the appraisal can act as a protective cover for your bike. Moreover, appraisals can cover some major aspects like theft, accidental damage, fire, and can also help in purchasing accessories that you cannot find in an ordinary insurance policy.

If you have made your mind to take an appraisal for your motorcycle in California or Utah, then surely go with a Benchmark Auto Appraisers a trusted and expert Certified Motorcycle Appraiser since 1977. What’s safer than having a certificate of appraisal that will clear all the doubts about the motorcycle’s current market value? The appraiser will hand over the certificate appraisal once the valuation of the bike is completed. Let us discuss the significance of a certified automobile appraisal.

The Significance of a Certified Motorcycle Appraiser

Motorcycle appraisal

There is no doubt that one should always fetch help from a certified appraisal service as it is a convenient and safe way of assessing the Vehicle’s current market value. Here are some of the notable advantages of fetching motorcycle appraisals from a certified organization.

  1. Acquiring the fair cost of the motorcycle

Buying and selling a second-hand motorcycle or an ATV can be a daunting task if the buyer’s and seller’s persona doesn’t have homogenous values. There is no doubt in telling that sellers will always want a higher price for a vehicle. Meanwhile, the buyers will always seek low prices for a profitable negotiation. In such cases, providing room for certified Benchmark Auto Appraisers is the best way to cool down the argument. The certificate of motorcycle appraisal can determine the Vehicle’s exact value to bother the current market price and the price of the motorcycle in the near future. Also, most of the second-hand motorcycle buyers trust the appraisals before offering any negotiation. Indeed, Benchmark Auto Appraisers can help both buyers and sellers as buyers won’t have to pay more while there is no need for sellers to compromise with their Vehicle’s fair prices.

  1. Appraisal certificate can help in second-hand vehicle insurance

No insurance company on earth will provide insurance for a second-hand motorcycle without an appraisal certificate. The insurance agents would only provide insurance to a car worthy of receiving it; no insurance company will want to risk their financial assets for an uncertified vehicle. On the other hand, it will also be unethical for the insurance companies to charge premiums for a vehicle without knowing its exact value. So if you are planning insurance for your second-hand Vehicle, add the appraisal certificate to your to-do list. PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DISPUTE THE OFFER AND HIRE Benchmark Auto Appraisers to represent and defend your in getting a fair settlement

  1. Classic and vintage motorcycle value

The price or the value of classic and vintage motorcycles depends on the fans’ sentiment and the demand for the specific Vehicle in the global market. An appraisal certificate will play a crucial role in determining the price of vintage motorcycles.

Appraisals help in the registration process of the Vehicle.

Once the buyers have purchased a second-hand motorcycle and the appraisal certificate, they have to register it under the state’s traffic regulation norms. A pre-purchase inspection of the motorcycle will always bring a great advantage for all the buyers. Driving an unregistered second-hand motorcycle is a heinous crime, and it is a punishable offence in most of the States in the USA. Also, make sure that you always have a proper copy of documents of the second-hand Vehicle. Suppose if the seller tells you that the Vehicle’s original documents are missing; in that case, the motorcycle might be stolen, and purchasing such vehicles will only land you into serious trouble.

Complete the registration process of Vehicle by abiding the state laws

If you have purchased a motorcycle within the state, then there is no need to complete the Vehicle’s registration process. Whereas, if you plan to use the motorcycle in any other state in the United States, you have to register the Vehicle within thirty days to drive it on the roads. You have to make sure that you submit all the necessary documents to safely drive the Vehicle without disrupting the federal laws.

Used vehicles don’t devalue quickly.

One of the prominent advantages of buying a used motorcycle is their price doesn’t depreciate quickly. According to automobile experts, a new model’s price depreciates about 20-35 % in a year while a used vehicle maintains average pricing. Buying a used vehicle will ensure that you incur less loss while reselling the Vehicle. Although, several factors, like model, demand, and rarity, are taken under concern while determining the value of the used motorcycle. Yet, purchasing a used motorcycle is a safe bet. People can also negotiate for pricing if they sell a used motorcycle where one cannot enjoy the feature while purchasing a new model from an authorized dealer. The buyers will also provide certain essential tips to keep the motorcycle in good condition for several years. PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DISPUTE THE OFFER AND HIRE Benchmark Auto Appraisers to represent and defend your in getting a fair settlement.

What aspects are covered by a Certified Motorcycle Appraiser for a used motorcycle?

Certified Motorcycle Appraiser

Are you wondering how a certified automobile appraiser inspects your Vehicle and determine its accurate market value? Or you want to buy a used motorcycle or a bike by understanding the core concepts of quality. Here is what you have to look for in a used vehicle while appraising it.

  1. Overall condition of the motorcycle

First of all, A Benchmark Auto Appraiser researches similar motorcycles at the time contact the company that built and customizes your pride and joy exterior and its quality as the Vehicle’s first impression will determine its demand in the second-hand market. Insurance companies are not your friends and create reasons to undervalue your property to ensure profit for the insurance company. Benchmark Auto Appraiser will represent you against unfair insurance companies and fight for you to get a fair settlement. Founder Daniel Jendrowski (Dan) of Benchmark Auto Appraiser has been evaluating millions of dollars of all types of vehicles annually for four decades and enjoys an excellent reputation for getting the job right the first time. That way, you can rest easy that your claim is handled fairly and quickly.

  1. Mileage, condition, and accessories are the most essential factors when Benchmark Auto Appraisers puts a valuation for you in its 20-30 page “premium” certified appraisal report.

It is fair to accept that used vehicles will not provide higher mileage than a new motorcycle. Still, it is a better deal to invest in a used vehicle in regular use than resting in the garage for the past five years.

Also, the prices of the motorcycle are directly proportional to the current market value of the appraisal. The majority of second-hand motorcycle buyers would love to invest in a vehicle that offers reasonable mileage of pristine condition.

  1. What is the “First owner” role in determining the price of the motorcycle?     

This might seem too psychological because many second-hand buyers love to purchase used motorcycles from first owners compared to the secondary owner of the Vehicle. The buyers believe that the first owner has taken the best care of the motorcycle. Therefore, the Vehicle’s price in the appraisal will increase if it is the first owner who wants to sell the motorcycle.

What is the total loss appraisal for the motorcycle?

If a motorcycle has incurred a total loss, then the insurance company will 99.9% of the time offers to settle the loss at an extremely low value. The insurance company will use an inhouse damage adjuster and not a Certified Appraiser to negotiate the total loss appraisal and settle a claim below the actual value. PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DISPUTE THE OFFER AND HIRE Benchmark Auto Appraisers to represent and defend your in getting a fair settlement.

If you have any questions about appraisal services for your Vehicle before selling it, insuring it, then always go with the certified and experienced appraisers to keep all the things safe and to keep lowball Insurance Companies honest and fair.

Suppose you are looking for a motorcycle appraisal service in California or Utah. In that case, contact Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC a certified motorcycle appraiser for a FREE consultation with Dan Jendrowski the founder of Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is what you will need to find out the accurate Vehicle of your motorcycle. They offer professional and precise motorcycle appraisals. Feel free to get in touch at 1-877-888-6113 for consultation or visit us at Feel free to check out our reviews an A+ Better Business Rating!

Certified Motorcycle Appraiser – The ultimate guide To follow while looking and insuring a motorcycle

Daniel “Dan” Jendrowski

Certified Public Auto Appraiser Diminish Value Experts B.C.A.A. & I.A.C.P.

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