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Classic Auto Appraisal Services

Classic Auto Appraisal Services

Are you looking for something classic, vintage, antique, or just plain old, Classic Auto Appraisal is the safest option to proceed in the right direction? How do you tell the difference, and when does an older car become a collectible classic car? The truth is that it frequently depends on who you ask, as different vehicle clubs, collectors, governments, and insurance companies all have their own definitions of what constitutes a classic car.

According to dictionaries, the term “classic” refers to something that has stood the test of time, is exceptional, and is one of a kind. According to this definition, a classic vehicle’s major qualities are its age, condition, and distinctiveness among other automobiles. The combination of these characteristics will determine whether you own a classic car or a valued classic car. A professional Classic Auto Appraiser can help you guide in the correct direction.

Classic Auto Appraisal is recommended:

  • Before purchasing or selling a vehicle,
  • When the value of a vehicle has decreased as a result of a loss of use (diminished value)
  • To find out how much your classic auto is worth
  • Insurance coverage should be obtained before, during, and after the restoration of a vehicle.

Classic Auto Appraisal – How classic cars are appraised?

Classic Auto Appraiser

Third-party appraisers determine the fair market value of a vintage car by taking a range of criteria into account, including the vehicle’s condition, the vehicle’s historical market value, the vehicle’s mileage, and the current market trends.

Antique automobiles are appraised based on their classification into one of the following five categories, in ascending order of value:

Car parts: A non-drivable vehicle that serves no purpose. These vehicles are mostly used for their components, which can be repurposed to fix other automobiles.

Repairable: A repairable car is one that can be repaired to be roadworthy again.

Good car: In order to boost the market value of a decent car, some restoration work is required.

Very good car: A very good car that has been completely restored and is in excellent running condition.

Fine cars: A fine car is one that has been fully repaired and has many of its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Excellent cars: An excellent car has been meticulously restored or is in pristine condition.

What is the value of your classic car?

Understanding supply and demand, as well as past sale prices or current asking prices on available inventory, are the most effective methods of determining the market worth of a classic auto. Among collectible automobiles, private sales account for 70% of all transactions, auctions account for 20%, and dealerships account for 10% of transactions. With all of these many pathways in play, no one car valuation tool can provide a conclusive answer as to what a vehicle is worth.

Was your classic auto appraised?

Like any desirable collector’s item, it’s rewarding to know how much your rare car is worth. It gives you a sense of success and pride to know that people would be prepared to pay a significant amount of money to own what you have acquired. However, there are more reasons than simply joy to know how much your classic auto is worth.

Having a precise estimate of the worth of your antique car can assist you in selecting appropriate insurance coverage and reimbursement should you ever need to file a claim for damages on it. You’ll also have documentation of its worth if you ever sell the vehicle, use it as collateral on an auto equity loan, and for tax purposes during estate planning.

What’s the greatest approach to find out how much your classic auto is worth?

You may be able to approximate the value of your car using certain online evaluation tools, but engaging a professional appraiser is always preferable. Why?

The value of a classic car is affected by a lot more things than just its age, manufacture, and model. The accurate assessment also takes into account the condition, any restoration work done, thoroughness of documents kept, trends in auction sales, regional interest, and any one-of-a-kind characteristics that make your specific item distinctive.

Because an automated system can’t effectively assess these characteristics, your best bet is to hire a reputable classic car appraiser. The auction house does not have to be the best, but you want someone with a track record for accuracy and reliability to conduct the sale.

Contact any possible appraisers you come across to ensure that they are familiar with your model before hiring them. Make certain you’re working with someone who is knowledgeable about your particular brand or production period. Organize all of the documentation you have about the vehicle and discuss the best time and place to meet with the appraiser if you are meeting him in person. In addition to physical evaluations, several reputable appraisal services also give virtual appraisals that can be completed by email if you can provide detailed images and data about your vehicle.

In any scenario, you may be required to spend a few hundred dollars for the assessment, but knowing the true value of your prized car can provide a level of satisfaction that is — to put it bluntly — incomparably valuable.

Benchmark Auto Appraisers has appraised a variety of vehicles, including antique automobiles, classic automobiles, muscle cars, exotic automobiles, custom street rods, kit cars, motorbikes, and late-model automobiles. Daniel “Dan” Jendrowski, the company’s founder, has been a renowned automotive specialist since 1981, having appraised thousands of vehicles.

Where to use your classic auto appraisal?

Insurance: Many insurance companies may require an appraisal of a car before they will give coverage on that particular automobile. Others may require an appraisal if the value of a car exceeds a certain threshold, which is especially true if you have an “agreed value” insurance policy in place.

Financing: When it comes to obtaining finance for a classic automobile, an appraisal is frequently required.

Accident: In the event of a partial or entire loss, a recent appraisal will show the vehicle’s value previous to the loss. It can also help determine if a vehicle’s worth has been lowered due to a loss, even after it has been repaired.

Sales: In order to obtain the maximum possible selling price for your collectible automobile, you must first determine its genuine market value in a particular market. Knowing this worth, as well as pricing the vehicle realistically, will enable you to obtain the greatest price in the quickest amount of time possible.

Purchases: Classic automobiles are always changing in value, and an appraisal will assist you in determining the exact worth of the vehicle. Aside from that, it will be a handy tool during the negotiation of a purchase price.

Litigation: When it comes to determining the worth of a classic vehicle in the context of legal difficulties, an appraisal will frequently be required. Following an accident, theft, or other legal situation, it is possible that two parties will differ on the value of a car. An appraisal of one or more vehicles may also be ordered by the court in the event that it becomes essential to determine the market value of a classic vehicle that is part of an estate.

Donation: An appraisal of a classic car will determine the value of a vehicle that can be used for tax purposes in the case of charitable contributions.

Being a Member of the National Automobile Museum, Member of Classic Car Club of America, ASA, and IACP Certified, Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC meets all USPAP Standards and is the best choice for classic auto appraisal services. They also offer competitive pricing and quality assessments, making them the best in the industry. Call us right now at 1-877-888-6113 to book a free consultation with our experts.

Classic Auto Appraisal Services

Daniel “Dan” Jendrowski

Certified Public Auto Appraiser Diminish Value Experts B.C.A.A. & I.A.C.P.

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