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Converted school bus camper is a great place to live on the wheels

Converted school bus camper is a great place to live on the wheels

converted school bus camper can be a great place to live if you want to save some extra money when traveling along with your family. Although the cost of conversion, travel and maintenance could be really expensive yet thinking about the project is appealing for all the owners. Converting a school bus into a camper is also a great idea for all the people who cannot afford expensive camper vans that are loaded with luxurious features to live.

When we compare, schoolies are quite larger when compared to small and compact motorhomes. Moreover, transforming a kid-trailing school bus into a traveling home is not an easy task. People who have already converted school bus campers and use them have reported various challenges like fuel prices, difficulty driving and parking in cities and maintenance costs that are too high. The idea of conversion is quite interesting when compared to reality.

Why should you convert a school bus into a camper?

When you think about school bus conversion into RV or camper is not the first thought which clicks in your mind. We all are familiar with luxurious RV’s and motorhomes with various features. We are designed with lavish interiors and essential amenities, making them perfect for living and traveling.

By now, you must be clear about what we are talking about? Today, we will discuss school bus converted into a comfortable camper. But, before we could start, here are some good reasons to consider why school buses are best for converting into a camper.

Owning skoolie helps in living a dream lifestyle:


The first and foremost advantage of owning a Skoolie is getting the freedom to roam where you want and whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about last-minute planning anymore as you can easily travel at any time. Moreover, most Americans have to change or postpone their vacation plans due to the lack of accommodation at tourist locations. If you don’t want your kids to get sad because of lack of accommodation, why not build your hotel to travel without any concern.

Moreover, owning a camper will also ensure that you feel special everywhere you go and just imagine you can also share your Skoolie experience with your fellow friends. They travel in luxurious in RV’s or motorhomes. You can also rent an RV or motorhome if you don’t want to spend money on conversion but having your dream vehicle gives you a chance of customization. Don’t let your dream be dumped by the financial crisis and therefore build your camper on which you are the one who dictates the terms.

Why do school buses make a perfect choice for converted school bus camper?

Some people argue that why can’t convert any other semi-truck or min bus into the camper and why only a school bus. First of all, a school bus is designed to carry 72 young and aspiring lives; hence they are built with all the necessary safety measures. School buses are made from the heavy-duty framework, and only a few manufacturers can qualify to make school buses as quality cannot be comprised. The school buses have steel bodies and steel tubing and have steel panels made from the greatest quality steel. The exterior of a school bus also has rub rails that add structural integrity to the school bus and reduce unfortunate accidents.

On the top, you will find durable steel roofing that is strong enough to resist extreme pressure during roll-over accidents. The overall construction of the school bus is made from the best quality materials, and the ceilings are attached with rivets or regular screws. At the bottom, you have a very silent yet reliable diesel engine that offers great power and mileage to ensure that no kid is late to school.

All in all, school buses are really tough! Which makes them the perfect choice for conversion?

On the other hand, regular RVs or campers are made from affordable materials which are neither powerful like a school bus nor as safe as a school bus. If you ever find a time to search ‘RV accidents,’ you can witness the fact that they are manufactured with wood and fiberglass, which can easily shatter upon collision. The roofs of RVs are also flat, which invites a lot of water, and the owners have to constantly seal the openings.

School buses have the best maintenance:

Schools maintain their buses as a fleet, and every year they have a budget for maintenance costs and repairs to ensure that all the vehicles in their fleet are maintained in the right condition. From regular oil changes to routine inspections, schools ensure that any issue regarding the bus is eliminated quickly.

On the other hand, if you are shopping for an old RV, it is evident that the first owner would not put their hands in the pocket for minor issues. Ignoring so will ensure that you will have to deal with wear and tear issues associated with the bus every now and then. If you don’t purchase the RV from the right owner, then you will have to ensure that you cover all the expenses of mechanical repairs, which you will have to face while buying an affordable RV that is not maintained in the right condition.

School buses will always fit into your budget:

One of the best advantages of purchasing an old school bus is they have excellent mileage. The majority of schools retire their school bus once they go off on mileage and are approximately retired after ten years of service. You can buy the retired buses at auction for affordable prices, and most importantly, you get to enjoy loads of features. Surprisingly, the auction price of a typical school bus is approximately 1/10th of a used motorhome or a tiny house.

When the concern is about value RVs and motorhomes cannot compete with the value offered by the school bus. Obviously, you have to spend on the cost of conversion and not enjoy the luxurious amenities you will get on motorhomes. Although you don’t get premium features in school bus conversions yet, you can enjoy independence.

School bus conversions are cool, and trending as most of the people who used to purchase used vehicles have shifted to school bus conversions as they can customize all the needs. You can easily make numerous changes like a number of windows, cabinets, designs, materials, and various other features to make your rides easy.

What to consider while buying an old school for a converted school bus camper?

School buses are great for camper conversions, but only if you shop for the right model and pay the right price. So, you are not an automobile expert or a mechanic who can determine a vehicle’s worth. Therefore, here are some of the important points to consider while shopping for an old school bus.


The first and foremost thing which you can easily point out without any expertise is rust. Yes, you don’t want to build a super-cool home on a pile of rust. If you overlook rust while shopping for a school bus, make yourself prepared to pay huge charges on maintenance. Rust is like a fungal infection. If it is not treated at the beginning, then it spreads fast like an infection. You can do a lot, but you cannot stop the rust from spreading throughout the body of the rust.


Check the tire’s tread pattern because retired school buses don’t have much work, which can make their tires old and worn out. It can take thousands of dollars to replace the old set of tires with quality versions. However, you can trade in the poor tires in the market, but you will still have to spend many dollars when buying new ones.

Fluid Leakage:

It is quite an important factor to consider because you don’t want your ride to get a break because of fluid leakage. Moreover, fluid leakage can be quite risky and very expensive to repair as well. Check hoses, oils, and fuel pipes for susceptible fuel leaks and if you find any signs of leakage in the bus, then pass on the bus.

You can be smart enough to fix the fuel pipes, but it is recommended not to do so because it is quite expensive, and the problem will arise once the bus is back on the road. You can better use the amount for conversion, which is a smarter move.

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Converted school bus camper is a great place to live on the wheels

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