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Custom motorcycle appraisal

Custom motorcycle appraisal

The majority of motorbike owners modifies or personalizes their vehicles in order to transform them from a standard manufactured product to a unique one that reflects their personal tastes. Custom motorcycle appraisal is a specialty service offered by Benchmark Auto Appraisers across the United States. Motorcycle customizations can include everything from paint schemes to engine sizes and common bolt-on extras, all of which can have an impact on the value of the bike.

Three main points to consider before personalizing your motorcycle:

Motorcycle customizations

  • It’s not the bucks invested in personalization, but the value-added– Before you add any additional accessories to your motorcycle, consider how they will affect the overall worth of the vehicle. Adding a windshield to a motorbike that did not come with one on the base model has a different upgrade value than adding a different-sized,-shaped, or-colored windshield to a motorcycle that already had one installed by the manufacturer, for example.
  • Labor is a recurring expense, but it rarely adds value– It’s normal practice to have a dealership or a motorcycling facility install optional equipment. While having someone else install it costs money, it doesn’t usually boost the estimated market worth of your motorcycle.
  • Value is subjective– Customizing your motorcycle too much may devalue it. A portrait of a loved one on your motorcycle may cost a huge amount. It may be gorgeous to you, but it may not be to potential purchasers seeking your precise make, model, and year of the vehicle.

People who own custom motorcycles often don’t get what they are worth because they believe that used vehicles can’t be sold for a fair price. A Certified Appraisal can help you determine the best selling price for your vehicle when you’re ready to sell. Benchmark Auto Appraisers is a trusted company that accurately appraises the value of a custom motorcycle.  They evaluate the Vehicle’s quality in a variety of ways before determining its current market value.

Why do you need a custom motorcycle appraisal?

You’ve had a long-held interest in classic or custom motorcycles. You’ve learned along the way that arranging for a custom motorcycle appraisal is a good idea when certain conditions exist. What would you say if someone asked you when an appraisal is required? Here are four examples that you might want to bring up.

Selling a motorcycle-While many owners keep their custom cycles in good condition, it is prudent to get an appraisal before selling one. You can utilize the appraisal’s content to discuss the sale with a prospective client. This appraisal also prepares you to answer any questions the buyer may have during the discussion.

Buying a motorcycle- If you are the buyer and no appraisal has been done, ask for one. You can even offer to pay for the inspection. This is useful when buying from a private collector.

Many sellers will gladly agree with your request, especially if you offer to pay for the evaluation. Assuming the inspection results are favorable and the motorcycle is truly everything you desire, the inspection fee is money well spent. Even if the evaluation reveals some faults that indicate the bike is not worth the asking price, the investment in the appraisal enables you to avoid making a costly mistake later.

Insuring a motorcycle-Insurance provider needs a lot of information when they offer coverage for a motorcycle. That includes data like the chassis number, the engine number, and the motorcycle registration number. Depending on the make and model, they may also want some specific details about the cycle’s condition. That’s where the appraisal comes into the picture.

It’s simple to send the data to the insurance company if you had the appraisal done before buying or if the seller provided it. This may encourage the insurer to offer you lower-cost coverage.

Restoring a motorcycle-After the restoration, have the bike appraised. The report will prove the use of original parts and help the cycle retain value over time. If you decide to sell the restored cycle in the next year or two, the appraisal will help you describe its actual condition

How important is the role of a custom motorcycle appraiser?

Using a professional appraisal agency is a convenient and safe approach to determining the vehicle’s current market worth. A certified company can provide you with the following benefits.

An appraisal can help with custom motorcycle insurance- Insurance agents would only provide insurance to a vehicle worthy of receiving it. No insurance company will want to risk its financial assets for an uncertified vehicle. So, if you’re thinking about getting insurance for your motorcycle, don’t forget to include the appraisal certificate and keep it handy with you.

Right Pricing of the custom motorcycle- It can be difficult to acquire or sell a custom motorbike or ATV if the buyer and seller don’t share the same values. Sellers will always seek a greater price for a vehicle, that much is certain. Buyers, on the other hand, are always on the lookout for inexpensive prices in order to enter into a beneficial negotiation. The greatest approach to defuse a heated debate is to make room for qualified Benchmark Auto Appraisers. Motorcycle evaluation certificates can be used to ascertain the actual value of a motorcycle regardless of the current market price or the expected future price. In addition, many used-motorcycle buyers rely on appraisals as a basis for their purchase decisions. Customers can avoid paying more, and sellers don’t have to lower the fair value of their vehicles by taking the help of Benchmark Auto Appraisals.

Appraisals aid with vehicle registration-After purchasing a motorcycle and the appraisal certificate, buyers must register it in accordance with the state’s traffic regulations. A pre-purchase inspection of the motorcycle will always be beneficial to all buyers. It is a punishable offense to drive an unregistered second-hand motorcycle. Also, keep a proper copy of the second-hand vehicle’s documents on hand at all times. If the seller informs you that the vehicle’s original documents are missing, the motorcycle may have been stolen, and purchasing such vehicle will land you in serious trouble. A motorcycle that is missing its original paperwork may have been stolen, and buying such a vehicle could find you in significant legal jeopardy.

The qualities of a motorcycle are included in the evaluation report of Benchmark Auto Appraiser when it comes to motorcycle valuations. An automobile’s origins comprise everything from its frame to its engine to its wheels. In addition to the written account, there is a large photo collection of the motorcycle from various angles. Paint concept and execution are discussed, as well as the artist who made it. A custom motorcycle appraisal should include details about the bike’s history, upgrades, repairs, and customizations.

A suitable value of a custom motorcycle can be determined by checking the following items:

  • In order to acquire an accurate picture of the overall situation, multiple models are examined.
  • The mileage will also be examined. The lower the better. This reduces your bike’s road mileage. Motorcycles with fewer miles will cost more.
  • Also, the tires will be inspected. It is a sign that the owner frequently travels on motorways if the tires are worn out in the center. You can determine if a cyclist likes extreme sports riding by looking at their tires.
  • checking the quality of the oil is also important.
  • Are you the original owner of the bike or did you purchase it from someone else? This is to ascertain whether the bike was properly maintained throughout its former owner’s ownership, if possible.

Benchmark Auto Appraisers’ considerable expertise over the previous years provides a solid platform upon which to define and explain your project to your insurer in its report. Call 1-888-877-6113 to book a free consultation.

Custom motorcycle appraisal

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