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The Best Motorhome Appraisal Guide for RV Enthusiasts In 2023

The Best Motorhome Appraisal Guide for RV Enthusiasts In 2023

One has to be cautious and patient while trading an RV or recreation vehicle to fetch a vehicle’s precise market value. The motorhome appraisal guide considers diverse factors while determining the vehicle’s right value. Some of them include mileage, age, body, design, maintenance, and various other accessories. If you are an owner of a motorhome, you can get it appraised in your nearest appraisal company to ensure that you have an official certificate to determine the vehicle’s right value.

One can either get a motorhome appraisal guide from an offline appraisal professional or move onto online appraisal options depending on comfort and flexibility. A lot of people trust online guides for appraisal, while some like to stay with the old-school practice of getting a vehicle appraised at conventional appraisal companies. If you are planning to buy or sell a used RV, this article will help you understand the significance of an RV and how you can improve the price of a used motorhome.

How To Get A Fair Price While Buying A Used Motorhome?

Buying A Used Motorhome

There is not a lot to differentiate while buying a used or a new vehicle and buying a used or new motorhome is quite similar to buying a new car. The only thing which every buyer has to take care of is “negotiation,” as the sellers are highly confident about their vehicle. Now that both of you want your own concerns, a motorhome appraisal guide is the last option you can consider while buying or selling a recreation vehicle as it will help both of you to sort the actual price of the vehicle.
Here are some of the best factors which one can consider while buying a used motorhome.

1. Why Start With Window Shopping?
One of the best ways to understand a motorhome or a recreation vehicle is to take a complete overview of dozens of motorhome dealers and by visiting various RV exhibitions. Similar to a classic car, motorhomes also have various configurations that one has to consider while buying a vehicle. The first and foremost configuration which one has to consider is either buy a used or new vehicle or buy a complete motorhome or a towable RV. Moreover, a motorhome’s exterior and interior designs vary from model to model.

2. Research Is Essential
Before you put your hands into your pocket to pay or to sign a contract with the seller, it is vital for you to understand thoroughly the vehicle. Suppose you are buying a new motorhome directly from the manufacturer. In that case, you have to consider an array of offerings associated with the vehicle irrespective of whether it is a towable traveler or a fifth wheel. One of the best ways of research is to talk to people who are using a recreation vehicle for a long time. The long-time owners are highly qualified enough to tell about the drawbacks and advantages of buying a used RV.

3. What Is The Best Time To Buy A Motorhome?
If you have already visited an RV exhibition, then you might witness that some companies offer special and discounted prices during exhibitions. One can also buy a used RV at an exhibition. Moreover, a motorhome exhibition is also a great place to explore and gather various tips to save thousands of dollars. An RV exhibition is also a great place to understand RV styles from experts. The RV experts will also help you in determining the best budget for your vehicle.

4. Why Invest In Used Motorhome?
If you want to buy a used RV at an affordable range of price, you have to invest in an RV that has a low mileage but comes at a comparatively low price. The prices of a new motorhome also devalue quickly; therefore, buying a two-year-old model will bring a lot of features at a low price. Also, every used RV buyer has to consider buying a used motorhome from a reputed dealer or a trusted seller.

5. Don’t Allow Your Emotions To Take Control Over You?
If you fall in love with a particular motorhome or RV, then ensure that you don’t tell the same to the dealer. You have to remain stable and don’t show any emotions or expressions, and act in such a way that you are not willing to buy the vehicle. Once the dealer gets an idea that you are interested in a specific model, they will start dominating their sales expertise. It is necessary to be patient while buying a used Motorhome from an exhibition.

6. Never Buy For Negotiating
Always offer a low price for the vehicle as there is no standardized price structure in the car market. A customized RV is expensive than a basic feature RV in simple words. One can get negotiations for both the models and one of the best strategies which one can follow is to offer no more than 50% of the price.

7. Patience Is The Key To Success
Never get into a deal quickly. Take as much time as you can to lower the vehicle’s price. The auto-dealers will speak in such a way that you have already signed a deal but ensure that you don’t sign any deal or contract in a short time. If you are buying an RV from a private owner, then there are high chances that you can save thousands of dollars. But, if you fail to inspect the vehicle in the right way, then there are the majority of chances that you have to spend a lot on repairing the vehicle.
If you have made your mind to buy a used motorhome from a private owner, you can sort help from motorhome appraisal experts who can provide accurate details about the vehicle’s price or consult a motorhome appraisal guide.

Online Appraisal Platforms In The United States Of America for Motorhome Appraisal

Online Appraisal Platforms

1. NADA Guides
The motorhome appraisal guide sold at NADA guides’ online platform is one of the most common online appraisal platforms in the US. The book available for purchase at the NADA guides has clear pricing information of the past 15 years, which includes trucks, classic cars, motorhomes, RV, and even some antique motorcycle. The book’s pricing is a kind of average of retail, wholesale, and manufacturing price. Moreover, the experts from NADA guides also update the guide thrice a year, which means you will be placing the vehicle’s right price. The guide is also helpful for all beginners who can take a look over hundreds of motorhomes before purchasing one.

2. Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book is one of the most popular online appraisal guides in the US. They provide two different RV guides, which include “The Travel trailer guide” and the “motorhome guide,” and both the motorhome guide is updated a year thrice while the travel trailer guide is updated twice a year. If you are specifically interested in motorhomes, campers, and van conversions, then the motorhome guide from the Kelly blue book is what you will need to understand the pricing of the vehicle. The motorhome guide offers the pricing of the past 20 years, while the travel trailer guide offers the past nine years’ pricing.

Why Go With Professional Motorhome Appraisal Companies?

Well, an online appraisal guide is not bad stuff, but there are certain limitations with the only appraisal guides. One can only get a fair market value at the online guide but can find the used vehicle’s right condition. Suppose you don’t have much idea about the automobile industry. In that case, you will need help from professional appraisers who can inspect the vehicle under every aspect before deciding the vehicle’s final price.

Moreover, the reputed motorhome appraisers or dealers will provide a written document that will provide the vehicle’s right price and condition, which all the motorhome owners can use during a negotiation. If you are keenly interested in buying a high-quality used RV, then you can spend little by traveling to your nearest professional appraiser to protect your investment.

If you cannot find a reputed motorhome appraiser in your local area, then you can visit California and Utah, where you can find experts like Benchmark Auto Appraisers who are certified under IACP (Independent Auto Certified Professionals), USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), and are registered under Bureau of certified auto appraisers or BOCCA. You can go with Benchmark Auto Appraisers if you want a certified appraisal, which will act as a shield to protect your investment.

Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is the auto-appraiser leader in its trade, its president Daniel R. Jendrowski has been serving the industry since 1977. The years of experience in the field are what make them the best while appraising semi-trucks, cars, muscle cars, heavy equipment, and motorhomes. They also provide free consultation service and review, so book your free consultation with the experts at Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC right now at 1-877-888-6113 or visit at

The Best Motorhome Appraisal Guide for RV Enthusiasts In 2023

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