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How to Plan a Successful RV Trip – MotorHome Appraiser

How to Plan a Successful RV Trip – MotorHome Appraiser

Motorhome Appraiser – Planning an RV trip is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to your loved ones. RV appraisals can help you out in various ways by diminishing cost and can help you to hunt the best RV for your needs. RV appraisals act as a catalyst which increases the worth of the purchase by letting their clients know what exactly they must look for in a purchase.

RV appraisals are required for many reasons ranging from auto-insurance to DMV to claim for diminished value and other diverse reasons. Certified RV appraisals can help in negotiating with insurance queries and solving disputes. Also, one of the significant benefits of a third-party appraiser is they can help clients understand the current market value of the vehicle.  

In case your search today on Google for ‘Certified RV appraiser near me’ is becoming a monstrous and tedious job shorten it with certifications and expertise. Like for example check whether they are ASA (American Society of Appraisers) or BCAA (Bureau of Certified Appraisers) or IACP (Independent Appraisal Certification Program). Unlike others, Benchmark Auto Appraisers L.L.C. is insured, bonded and certified, and it also meets all USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Standards. That will help you get the best help in the shortest possible time.

Best Tips to Plan a Successful RV Trip 

Motor Home Appraiser

International travelling may be closed, but it doesn’t stop you from exploring your own country! North America is absolutely the best place for road trips and cross-country travel. There are several places to sightsee and discover while you can live in comfort if you choose to travel in an RV.

Apart from being safe, it is easily the most reasonable way to camp around due to its comfortability and added features. You won’t have to worry about toilets, sleeping beds, or to cook food as an RV acts as an all-purpose vehicle.

Here are some of the best tips to help you plan a successful trip across the country –

  1. Choosing the right RV

There are many types of RV available in the market. Some vary in size, mileage, and come along with lavish interiors and elegant exteriors. Choosing the right RV is essential as there are many restrictions and problems one can face if they make the wrong choice.

Generally, it would help if you went for an RV that is between 16-21 feet as it will feel more compact and sturdy enough for rough terrains. Also, make sure that you will be able to park it comfortably if you stop in a city. There are some restrictions in the length of the RV in some regions of America. Therefore, keep the size between those limits.

As a good rule, always go for an RV that has a restroom equipped inside. Using public restrooms may not always be a viable choice in some cities. Apart from that, a right resting place is suggested as well. You can make do with or without a proper kitchen as it can be done outside as well. Do not forget to make a good decision when it comes to mileage.

  1. Motorhome-appraisal based on budget 

Usually, road trip costs much less than air travel. However, it is undoubtedly essential to make plans within your budget. You have to ensure that you have enough money for food, road costs (tolls, dining outside, gas, etc.), and camping costs as well. Some good ways of saving money on RV Trips is by packing light, having an equipped bathroom, a living space to sleep and means to cook food.

Do a pre-purchase inspection by a certified Motorhome appraiser. This will help you as well as the buyer to determine whether or not you actually have the need to sale in any other price than you are expecting. Also, this appraisal will keep you on top knowledge as to what is wrong or right with your vehicle.

If you planning to buy a used RV, you need to understand the terms like Diminished value appraisal and total loss appraisal.

What is Diminished value appraisal and total loss appraisal? The insurance claims for second-hand car gradually decrease overt-time and hence and the third-party appraiser can help you in negotiating for an insurance claim. On the other hand, total loss occurs when the cost of repair of a vehicle is expensive than replacing it or replacing a vehicle is cheaper than repairing it. In such cases, the insurance companies call the client for a settlement. To know more about other features, search on Google and contact certified appraisers near me. 

Some good ways of saving money on RV Trips is by packing light, having an equipped bathroom, a living space to sleep and means to cook food.

Motor Home Appraiser

  1. Planning a Route before you start 

Planning is an essential part of having a successful RV trip. It helps you to stick to a pre-planned route and plan your stops accordingly. You can also research local exhibits, national parks, hiking locations and sightseeing opportunities along the way to keep your trip delightful.

The federal government has reserved millions of square miles of RV campsites across the United States of America. These campsites are available for free, and you do not have to pay anything to stop there for the night. However, there are some sites where you may have to pay up to $50 for one night. Therefore, it is a crucial decision factor before you start travelling. Some campsites require you to book your space as well.

Apart from that, you have to gain knowledge about the highways and city destinations to drive your RV comfortably. As a lesser-known trick, you can instruct your GPS to avoid highways entirely. Doing this will open your route via byways or back roads that run through beautiful places for hiking and sightseeing.

  1. Following Urban Etiquette 

During your RV trip, you may have to make stops in the heart of the cities you enter into. In such cases, you have to be knowledgeable about the local rules and regulations. Always ensure that you obey the road and traffic rules. Try to avoid tight spaces and stick to larger city areas.

Various places offer overnight parking for RVs. Therefore, research and mark them beforehand to prevent getting into trouble. Always feed the parking meters and follow the parking rules.

Some places will not allow you to park overnight, so do keep an eye out for the same. Apart from that, make sure that you do not disturb the locals with loud music or incessant noises. Also, do not stop in one place for long periods of time. If possible, try to befriend some locals so that they can help you if any problem arises.

  1. Staying Connected at all Times 

People travelling across the cities can quickly lose their telecommunication signals in some places. It is absolutely essential to stay connected at all times. You never know when you might have to call the authorities to aid and support you.

One way to do this is by buying a satellite phone. Although it can cost you some hundreds of dollars, you can rely on it as a form of investment. The second way to stay connected is by choosing one or multiple mobile network connections that offer broad coverage. They can help you to stay connected to both calls and the internet while you’re on the go. Do make sure that you use your data wisely as you may not have the same unlimited plans as you get in your homes.

  1. Monitoring your RV Power 

One has to ensure that they check battery consumption of the selected RV. Naturally, it comes with its own battery that is required to power various things like lights, fans, and power electronic devices.

The best way to ensure that your battery is getting charged is by driving for a few hours every day. You have to be wary of its usage if you’re camping in a remote location. In such cases, you can pack an extra battery for emergencies.

Other ways to keep the battery charged is by having a generator or charging it at RV campsites or Gas stations. You can also invest in a solar panel set up to have a more efficient means of charging it on the go. It is also essential to have a proper RV appraisal done.

  1. Get Your RV Appraised for necessary insurance.

Road Trips are a lot of fun but can come with some risks as well. The most common ones are road accidents and other unfortunate problems that may arise while camping or driving. In such cases, it is essential to be insured to tackle unplanned expenses. Just to ascertain u r fully covered get RV appraised and search for a valid insurance policy.

The best RV appraisal can help you in a lot of ways from travel insurance to ensure you have a safe and secured trip with your family. Research states RVs or motorhomes are vehicles that get into the most accidents on road. And they are also the type of vehicle that incurs major damage when in an incident in comparison to any other vehicle on the road. So why not actually work on that insurance part and keep yourself covered?

  1. Stay Protected at All times

One of the perks of an RV trip is that you can camp outside near the vehicle in beautiful places. It doesn’t matter whether you’re camping in RV campgrounds or in a forest. There may be certain risks that can endanger your life or increase costs in some way.

Make sure that you are adequately educated about basic survival in wildlife or forests. You may encounter some wild animals while hiking or camping in places of natural beauty. Some common risks include mountain lions, venomous snakes, and bears, to name a few.

Research and learn what you can do in such situations and buy additional equipment or kits if necessary. For starters, you can carry bear sprays or air horns to force wild animals to ignore you. If you encounter such animals, do not start running or look away. Stand your ground, make loud noises, and try to act more prominent than they are. Also, carry sticks and wear proper hiking boots during trail walks to stay wary of snakes and other small animals.

Motor Home Appraiser


Selecting the right RV appraisal service is the best way to purchase your first RV vehicle, and it is the foremost task you have to consider while planning your successful RV trip. Also, it will be beneficial if you have the correct RV appraisal as they can fetch all your insurance needs. This will help you to save on specific taxes and costs as well. It is better to select a motorhome appraiser that holds certifications like Bureau of Certified Appraisers, Independent Appraisal Certification Program, and meet the entire Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice standards.

So are you planning to go ahead and enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones on an RV? Then go ahead give us a call, whether you want to buy one or if you just want to get your RV appraised. Feel free to get in touch with Motorhome appraiser to know more about our bouquet of services available.

We can help make that RV of yours a better place in every financial aspect you can think of! Happy Holidays!

How to Plan a Successful RV Trip – MotorHome Appraiser

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