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What is Pre-Purchase Inspection and How Can You Make The Most of It?

What is Pre-Purchase Inspection and How Can You Make The Most of It?

There is no doubt that we spend a lot of time window-shopping online before purchasing a vehicle. There is also a rare chance that we would make the best buying decision without getting much closer to the vehicle. Undoubtedly, every day hundreds of vehicles are traded online. Most online car shoppers take help from third-party professionals who pay for a pre-purchase inspection (PPI). If you are not aware of PPI, you have landed in the right place, as discussed in this blog.

What is a pre-purchase inspection?


A pre-purchase inspection or PPI is carried out by a highly qualified professional who has expertise in the make and model of the vehicle that is being expected. The professional makes a detailed assessment of the vehicle to determine the vehicle’s cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition before the purchase. They also evaluate maintenance deficiency of the vehicle or any financial issues which the vehicle can create in the future for the buyer.

If you are buying a vehicle with no or expired warranty, then it is important that you test the vehicle in all the technical standards. To do so, you will need a technical automobile geek who can help you perform a walk-around to gather as much information about the vehicle and, most importantly, a final test drive to determine the vehicle’s condition. A well-trained and highly qualified is invaluable as having them on your side can help you negotiate a fair price. Most importantly, they can save you from investing in a vehicle that can get you into trouble in the future.

Moreover, if you plan to buy a vehicle from another city, your local technical geek might feel uncomfortable travelling a long distance. In such cases, you can find another expert on the internet.

What are the three major issues you can avoid because of pre-purchase inspection?

Mechanical complications

A pre-purchase inspection can help you save thousands of dollars which you might spend on the maintenance cost of the used vehicle. Although a pre-purchase inspection cannot predict future damages or maintenance repairs, it can still save you from getting into the three most common issues most used car buyers have to come across. They are mentioned below to help you understand the significance of the pre-purchase inspection.

1. Mechanical complications:

It is vital for all the used car buyers to have a basic idea about the machine or engine which is resting inside the hood. Unfortunately, you are not qualified enough to check the greasy minute faults hiding inside the engine of a car that has run thousands of miles on the road. This job which might seem daunting for you is a daily activity for a professional mechanic. They can protect you from selecting the wrong vehicle, which will drain your wallet in the future because of mechanical problems.

2. Lack of maintenance:

One of the most common problems which reduce the price of the vehicle is lack of maintenance. In most cases, the owners of the vehicle stop using the vehicle and store it inside the garage. It leads to wiring errors and also reduces the mileage of the vehicle. They also don’t care about changing the oil and coolant, which leads to severe mechanical problems in the future. The worst that can happen with you is ending up buying a poorly maintained vehicle. You might save a hundred dollars by not hiring a car mechanic, but you will also end up paying thousands of dollars on the maintenance of the used car.

3. Electrical faults:

You cannot check the oil pressure with a gauge, or you cannot determine the wellness of the tail-light or headlights. At the same time, a local mechanic can easily point out these errors, which will help you save both time and money. It is important for all the used car buyers to check for electrical issues because they can be expensive to repair. A pre-purchase inspection can help you in highlighting the major electrical issues, which will help you in a positive negotiation.

It is vital for all car owners to be transparent when the concern is about reselling it, but this is not the case as they try to hide errors to make extra money. On the other hand, it is important for all the buyers to save money while investing in a used car. A pre-purchase inspection from a qualified mechanic can create a balance for the best trade.

 How advantageous is pre-purchase inspection for you?

We are sure that you must be quite interested in pre-purchase inspection before investing in the new vehicle is a smart move; hence you need an evaluation to help you in knowing the right worth of the vehicle. Here are some of the best advantages of the pre-purchase inspection, which every used car buyer must know.

1. Peace of mind:

A pre-purchase inspection can ensure that your dream car is not a nightmare hiding inside the curtain. It will also help you have a sound sleep at night because you can ask car owners who invested in poorly maintained vehicles that had sleepless nights.

2. Saves time and money:

The modern-day cost of automotive repairs can be sky-high; hence, you have to ensure that you invest in a trained mechanic who will make the trade transparent and open all the car’s hidden issues. Paying a mechanic is quite affordable when compared to paying urgent maintenance and repairs bills in the future.

3. PPI can lead to the best deal

Whether it is a buyer or seller, a pre-purchase inspection can ensure that no one has to compromise from either side. A seller can convince the buyer about the quality of the vehicle while the buyer can know the true worth or value of the vehicle. Most sellers also try to bring mechanics as they feel that they are deal-breakers, but they aren’t deal-breakers, but they are deal makers.

4. Say a big no frustration

If you want a gem, then you need to learn to test its true standards. Therefore, a pre-purchase inspection can help you prevent the endless frustration you have to tackle at the repair shops.

When should I get a pre-purchase inspection?

Suppose you are purchasing a vehicle that has an expired warranty or is located in another city or state. If there is no warranty, then the buyer has to take all the risk on their own, from a minor breakdown to major expensive repairs. Fetching help from a well-trained mechanic will help you save a few hundred of dollars while making the deal. Moreover, you cannot visit another city to test-drive the vehicle, so fetching help from a local technician will help you know the vehicle’s value. It is a secure method if you like to invest in a better vehicle.

Where can I get a pre-purchase inspection?

  • Local Dealerships: If you are looking for the most expensive option available in the market, then you can go with local dealers. One of the best advantages of going with local dealers is they have a wide range of experience in the job. They also have modern tools when compared to any other local garage in the city.
  • Private Garage: One of the most popular PPI options is private garages. The mechanic of private garages is experienced and will also charge less when compared to the local dealers. Some garages also specialize in a specific type of vehicle; hence, you should select who has experience repairing your vehicle.
  • Friend or Family: If you want not to spend a single penny on pre-purchase inspection, you can also take help from an automobile expert in your circle. You are lucky. If you have someone to steer the vehicle and the deal in your direction, then you must go that option.

What is the cost of the pre-purchase inspection?

There is no doubt that a buyer has to pay for a pre-purchase inspection, and the average price of the pre-purchase inspection lies between 100-200 US dollars. If you wanted a detailed report about the vehicle and test the engines, you might have to pay a few more dollars to get it done under expert supervision.

In most cases, the pre-purchase inspection is also the deciding factor of the deal. If the PPI report is excellent, then it becomes a great advantage for all the sellers, while a poor PPI report can end the deal without offering room for negotiations.

Summing it up:

If you are a smart buyer, then you will consider pre-purchase inspection a valuable service. Apart from saving money and time, a pre-purchase inspection also increases the buyer’s confidence as they invest in the right vehicle. Benchmark Auto Appraisers L.L.C. founder Daniel Jendrowski believes that when you have professional appraisers to seek help, then you are only one step away from making profits.   Benchmark Auto Appraisers LLC is the leading automobile appraiser in New York serving Nationwide. They offer a wide range of services like pre-purchase inspection, Motorhome appraisal, Motorcycle appraisal, and various other vehicles. They also offer a competitive range of prices and are quite affordable compared to the premium service you get here. Book a free consultation right now at 1-877-888-6113.


What is Pre-Purchase Inspection and How Can You Make The Most of It?

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