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A quick guide to RV Appraisal California

A quick guide to RV Appraisal California

Factors affecting RV appraisals and tips to hike the RV resale

Everyone wishes to hit a good deal, especially when they plan to purchase expensive luxuries such as an RV you might think of getting an RV Appraisal California done! Recreational vehicles do not come for cheap and cost you huge dollars. The same is the case when you plan to put up your old RV for resale. But how do you determine the actual worth of your RV? How do you find that you are getting the right price for your second-hand RV? Well, getting an evaluation done by an RV appraiser might be the first thing that comes to your mind to get an idea about the worth of your RV.

But, there is more to it. Besides getting your motorhome evaluated, you should also know the factors that determine the depreciation of an RV. Also, you need to be aware of what you can do at your end to ensure that your RV is not sold at the price of peanuts. Here, in this guide, we will pen down a few factors and tips that will help you seek some good bucks out of our old travel adventure vehicles:

RV Appraisal California- Determining the worth of your RV

RV Appraiser

How much does your RV cost? How much can you make by selling your old RV? If these questions are haunting your mind, then here are a few factors that will help an appraiser determine the worth of your RV:

  1. Manufacturer
    The brand name matters a lot when reselling a recreational vehicle. Some brands may be top-rated and more in demand and thus may earn you a good resale price. Also, branded RVs suffer lesser depreciation and can even get you better prices than an RV that is just a few years old but does not has a big brand name associated with it.
  2. Age of RV
    The age of your vehicle also matters a lot when you plan to sell them and get them appraised. The older your RV, the lesser will be the resale value, and the newer it is, you can expect more bucks for the same. But in some cases, vintage RVs maintained in good condition can also earn you an unbelievable amount, but it all depends on the choice of the buyer and the vintage aspects of your RV.
  1. Upgrades and add-ons
    Did you give your RVs a quick makeover sometime back? Did you get some add-ons to your RV for a more luxurious feel while exploring your favorite places? Then, it is quite probable that you will shell in more money because of your additional efforts and add-ons incorporated in your recreational vehicle. What do you think will get you a good deal- An RV with a basic appeal or an RV with add-ons? It is sure shot the latter alternative.
  1. Condition of RV
    Is your RV perfectly intact, or is it falling apart? Well, this might also stand to be a determining factor in deciding the resale price value.

RV Appraisal California- How to increase the value of your RV resale

Your old RV might be awesome, but how do you convey the same to potential buyers? Probably, by maintaining it in good condition. But, what more can you do to hike the chances of getting a good return value out of the resale? Here are a few tips for you to follow while doing RV Appraisal California :

  1. Give your RV a quick clean up
    Before you call for a car appraiser, make sure that you clean your RV inside out to get it market-ready. Remember that the cleaning session does not have to stay limited to just vacuuming and dusting. Especially if your RV has also carried your pets, there is a high chance that the smell may still remain. In such cases, you need to give your RV a steam cleaning session to get rid of bad odors, besides refreshing the upholstery and giving a deep clean to every nook and corner of the RV.
  2. Make sure that you bestow proper care from day 1
    If you wish to get a fair deal when you sell your RV, you need to keep it in good condition. If you don’t take care of your RV from the beginning, you may start encountering small problems that can get worse and cost a lot to fix. On the other hand, if you keep your RV in good shape, you’ll be able to talk about it with confidence when you’re negotiating with a dealer or a private buyer.
  3. Remove personal stuff
    RVs, besides being a transportation vehicles, serve you no less than a home one wheel. Thus it is easy to predict that they will also carry a lot of personal stuff. But, before you plan to sell your motorhome or get them appraised, make sure that you get rid of any personal belongings. Just keep your RVs stripped down to the basic essentials rather than keeping them loaded with unnecessary stuff.
  4. Know when to get your RV appraised
    Timing is everything. To make more money from your RV sale, you should know when to put your motorhome in the secondhand market. There are numerous people who prefer heading out for an adventure trip during the winter months, whereas there are also people who plan a trip during the summer and spring seasons. Thus the best time to part with your motorhome is before the outbreak of the spring season. Getting your RV listed during the peak season may help you make more bucks but make sure that you get it appraised beforehand so that you have an idea about the asking price.
  5. Don’t forget to carry your service papers.
    If you forget to bring the service records for your vehicle to the appraisal, you may have to drive back home. All professional and certified appraisers require service records to be attached to the appraisal. This is to make sure that the car has been well-maintained and that the buyer knows everything about the car’s service history. The service paper will have important information, like when the oil was changed when the tires were replaced, when the body was repainted, and the engine servicing date. This information can help auto appraisers figure out how much the car is worth.
  6. Protection from sun damage
    It’s not just the interiors that deserve a spick and span treatment but also the exteriors. Make sure that you keep your RV under covers while parking so that you keep them safeguarded against sun damage. The tires, plastic parts, and fabrics may face the wrath of the sun if you do not park your motor home under the shade and leave it exposed to the sun. Also, such irresponsible behavior can show quick aging signs in your RV, especially when you have an oxidized exterior. So, keep your RVs away from the sun and use wax and other protectants that can protect your RV from sun damage.
  7. Replace the tires on a regular basis
    Aside from everything else, the wheels and tires of an RV can have a significant impact on its resale value because they suffer the most wear and tear. If you want your RV to treat you well, you need wheels because they add to the looks besides serving you in the long run. You can also keep wheels clean by washing them regularly to make them explicit shine when you take your vehicle to a California appraiser.
  8. Try it out in a greener way
    In today’s time, more and more people are making a switch to efficient living by reducing traces of carbon footprint. With that said potential RV buyers are more interested in buying RVs that can reduce the carbon trail and offer a green energy option besides saving money. Make sure your RV has updated water fixtures, proper working switches, a wireless thermostat, and other accessories that can save energy, proving feasible for the pocket. Such fixtures can also increase the chances of earning you a good sum for your RV resale.
  9. Extra storage
    Fledging potential buyers with extra room for storage purposes can also enhance the chances of cracking a good deal. Most RV buyers prefer getting extra storage space without sacrificing the spacious ambiance. And, if you are smart enough to incorporate sneaky storage spaces that do not run down a space crunch in the RV, your recreational vehicles will seem more exciting to potential buyers. Additional storage space under the bedside area or extra cabinets can be a huge selling point.


We hope this guide clears the air about what you can expect from your old RV and how you can maintain them to gain maximum bucks during the resale. RV is an asset that depreciates with time, but it doesn’t mean you stay deprived of the money you are worth receiving in exchange for your old RV. So, if you have an old RV waiting in your garage to be resold, make sure that you pay heed to the above-mentioned points to make the most out of our RV Appraisal California services.

A quick guide to RV Appraisal California

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