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Semi-Truck Appraisals and Heavy Equipment Appraisals in Buffalo

Semi-Truck Appraisals and Heavy Equipment Appraisals in Buffalo

Semi-Truck Appraisals Buffalo New York

Semi-Truck Appraisals – When you invest in semi-trucks and other heavy equipment, you want to make sure you’re getting the best return on that investment. An accurate appraisal gives you a benchmark value that ensures you’ll get the most out of your money.

Benchmark Auto Appraisals in Buffalo, New York is the appraiser area businesses turn to when they need a certified appraisal for their valuable heavy equipment and trucks or semi-truck. If your business owns commercial vehicles or heavy equipment, a certified appraisal by Benchmark provides a wealth of benefits. Here are just a few:

Semi-Truck Appraisals – Our Attention to Detail Is “Second to None”

Dan Jendrowski, founder and certified appraiser at Benchmark, has over 42 years of experience in the automotive industry. With an extensive library of reference material and an eye on the latest commercial vehicle industry news, he is the appraiser Western New York trusts for laser-focused accuracy.

As one of our local clients put it,

“Dan is absolutely amazing to work with! His response and attention to detail before and during the appraisal as well as his follow-up after the job is finished…are second to none.”

Benchmark Appraisals Helps You Save Money Come Tax Time

You need to keep careful track of your commercial vehicles’ value so you can take advantage of depreciation come tax time. Certified semi-truck and heavy equipment appraisals from Benchmark get you the maximum deduction possible through accurate, dependable valuations.

Our appraisals stand up under even the toughest audit. Our expert heavy equipment and semi-truck appraisers not only meet—but exceed—the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), authorized by the U.S. Congress to calculate a vehicle’s value for income tax purposes.

In addition, our extensive experience providing expert testimony in court makes us the appraiser you want to stand by your side should the IRS come knocking at your door. Our reputation as the go-to commercial vehicle appraiser in New York and beyond makes us a trusted resource for courts and tax auditors alike.

Benchmark’s Certified Truck Appraisers Help You Sell Used Equipment Fast

When your business needs to sell heavy equipment or trucks to make room for new ones, you need to get them sold quickly and for the best price.

As the heavy equipment appraisers Buffalo companies depend on for precise valuations, we can help prospective buyers feel confident that they’re getting a fair price. Even better, you’ll know you’re getting the maximum return on your investment.

Buy Used Semi-Trucks with Confidence with a Benchmark Certified Appraisal

semi truck appraisers new york

When you buy used semi-trucks, you want to know you’re getting a vehicle that will produce value for years to come. Benchmark is the semi-truck appraisals Buffalo and Rochester, New York companies trust to ensure they’re getting a dependable vehicle.

Too many people use free online truck value guides to check if they’re getting a good deal on a vehicle. Like Kelly Blue Book aka as KBB and NADA. While the truck might look good on paper, what you don’t know is if the vehicle has hidden damage, non-original manufacturer parts are poorly maintained, or has other defects that drive down its value.

A certified commercial truck appraiser will check the vehicle you want to buy for even the tiniest defect. At Benchmark, our expert appraisers have all undergone rigorous training to earn their Independent Auto Appraiser Certification Program (IACP) certification.

Make Sure Your Heavy Equipment Purchase Is Worth the Money with Benchmark

Don’t throw away your hard-earned money on an expensive piece of heavy equipment that won’t earn its keep. Heavy equipment is a huge expense—so you need to make sure you buy equipment that will last.

No matter how closely you’ve inspected it, you might miss something. Benchmark won’t. We look for the hidden damage and aftermarket parts that reduce value and make your equipment wear out early.

Benchmark gives you the only heavy equipment appraisal New York state businesses recommend for

  • Accuracy
  • Dependability
  • Thoroughness

When it comes time to buy heavy equipment, don’t take chances. Call Benchmark before you buy!

Assure Lenders and Investors You’re Getting a Good Deal with Benchmark Semi-Truck Appraisals

You might need to borrow money to buy heavy equipment or semi-trucks. Or, you might have investors or partners who want to know they’re going to get a return on the money they sink into your new equipment.

One thing’s for sure. When you walk into the bank with only a free online VIN estimate, you’re not going to walk out with a loan.

The same goes for your investors. They’re simply not going to trust a mere estimate, particularly one from a free online appraisal site.

Only a certified commercial vehicle appraisal will do. Get the area’s best at Benchmark.

Get Accurate Claims Payments from Your Insurer with Benchmark

You invested a lot of money in your semi-trucks and other heavy equipment. If an accident happens, you want to make sure you get a fair settlement from your insurer.

If your vehicle is repairable, its value—even after the best repairs—isn’t what it was before the accident. In a diminished value claim, New York insurers award you money above and beyond the cost of repairs to compensate for the difference in value between its pre-accident and post-accident state.

When they choose Benchmark Auto Appraisers, LLC, Buffalo business owners know they’re working with an appraiser whose work stands up under even the strictest scrutiny. As the area’s most trusted semi-truck appraisals and heavy equipment damage appraisers, you’ll be sure to get everything your insurance company owes you.

Our many years of experience handling insurance claims make our heavy equipment and semi-truck appraisals service the one area businesses turn to after an accident. You should, too.

Get Through Customs Without a Hassle with Trusted Benchmark Appraisals

truck appraiser

If you’re importing a semi-truck into Canada or buying one there to bring into the U.S., you need an appraiser familiar with international truck values. Benchmark is one among only a handful of appraisal companies that customs officers trust for their sterling credentials and expertise.

Not only that—but we’re located only two miles from the Canadian border—making us a convenient choice when you need to move a truck through customs.

Depend on Benchmark for Court-Tested Merger, Acquisition, and Estate Appraisals

If your business is going through a merger, sale, or acquisition—or is a part of the estate of its former owner, you’ll need an accurate appraisal of your company’s commercial vehicles, including heavy equipment and semi-trucks.

At Benchmark, we’ve provided expert witness testimony, umpire services, and depositions for a wide variety of court and other legal proceedings. With all the legal wrangling that goes on during these challenging proceedings, you want an appraiser on your side that has earned the trust of courts all over Western New York and throughout the continental U.S.

Protect your business and its assets with certified heavy equipment and semi-truck appraisals or truck appraisals from Benchmark Auto Appraisers. Call 1-877-888-6113 for your free consultation today.

Semi-Truck Appraisals and Heavy Equipment Appraisals in Buffalo

Daniel “Dan” Jendrowski

Certified Public Auto Appraiser Diminish Value Experts B.C.A.A. & I.A.C.P.

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