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Semi Truck Appraiser – The Ultimate Guide to Follow While Buying Used Semi-Trucks

Semi Truck Appraiser – The Ultimate Guide to Follow While Buying Used Semi-Trucks

Starting a new delivery partner business with a used semi-truck is not a bad idea if you are low on investment. It is vital that you know to compare different prices and follow the correct guide while investing. You can also take help from a professional semi truck appraiser who owns excellent experience in determining the vehicle’s worth. Since their invention in the 1920’s semi-trucks have become a fantastic choice of cars for most auto-shoppers in the industry.

One of the prominent advantages of using a semi-truck is you can drive them on all terrains. Whether on-road or off-road, long or local trips, they are the best in the business. Most of the people in California use semi-trucks to transport bricks, waste, gravel, and sand.

Purchasing a new semi-truck is not an easy job as it attracts heavy investment, and also you have to check through various specifications before investing in the right vehicle. Moreover, you have to make yourself ready to pay around 100,000 -150,000 USD when you are shopping for a new semi-truck in the US market.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy a used one, this blog is for you as we will clear all your doubts related to used semi-trucks and why you should hire a semi truck appraiser when buying a used semi-truck.

What is the average lifespan of a used semi-truck?

There is no doubt that there is a lot of difference between the conventional semi-trucks and the modernized semi-trucks. Also, semi-trucks belong to a different league; therefore, comparing them with modern, customizable trucks is not a great idea. Managing heavy loads for long hours on rugged terrains is typical for modern-day semi-trucks as engineers design them by keeping strength and durability in mind.

There is no single factor that can decide the average lifespan of a used semi-truck; hence, you can consider a few factors while calculating an average lifespan of a used truck.

The type of fuel matters – diesel vs gas engine

One of the prominent reasons behind the success of conventional diesel engines as they make them durable. At the same time, most modern semi-trucks use gas as a fuel option to reduce stress on the environment to abide by current pollution policies in the country.

If you are going to purchase a used semi-truck, then here are some main reasons you should go with a diesel engine over a gas engine.

Advantages of diesel engine:

  • Conventional diesel engines are not as fast as modern engines. So, you don’t have to worry if you find a used semi-truck with low RPM as they demand less maintenance, wear and tear.
  • Diesel engines are also quite efficient compared to gas ones as they are less volatile.
  • Despite being conventional, diesel engines are designed to resist engine failures as they are composed of various mechanics like gears, thermostats, and a unique valve design.

Maintenance demands of an average semi-truck

You must check the maintenance records of a used semi-truck before investing. They require adequate maintenance to ensure that they have a good life in future too.

Below are a few important maintenance tips for all the auto shoppers planning to purchase a used semi-truck shortly.

  • One of the prominent reasons for engine failure in old semi-trucks is overheating as it holds the potential of damaging your engine to adversely affect your smooth rides. It is essential that you keep a close eye on the cooling systems and regularly scan them for overheating.
  • Engine lubrication is not a new thing, yet it is pretty essential when discussing used semi-trucks. In other words, smooth semi-truck riding is directly proportional to the change of oil. Lubricating the engine will also ensure that you don’t have to attempt multiple starts hence reducing the load from the vehicle.
  • The majority of commercial trucking companies add additives to their diesel engine to stabilize the overall components of the engine for safety.

There is no doubt that you have to focus on conventional maintenance like filter and oil changes, but it is equally important to consider and prioritize modern additives.

How much does a used semi-truck cost?

Buying Used Semi Trucks

As mentioned above, you might have to spend around 100,000- 200,000 thousand USD if you are opting to purchase a new semi-truck. On the other hand, a used semi-truck is a perfect choice if the prices of a new semi-truck are quite high and don’t fit into your budget.

According to recent research, refurbished or used semi-truck can cost you around 14,000 – 25,000 USD or even more. The price of a used semi-truck is also not fixed as the type of construction, age, body, and brand also significantly impact the pricing.

Most commercial trucking company owners from California love to buy used semi-trucks because of their competitive pricing. You can find used semi-trucks in the state for 20,000-40,000 USD. You can also find used semi-trucks for 10,000-15,000 USD, but they might have a lot of wear and tear alongside poor mileage. Cheap semi-trucks may not be a great choice for long life.

It is also important that you understand the difference between a refurbished and used semi-truck. Refurbished semi-trucks are made to match the original manufacturer’s standards; hence, they are quite efficient and reliable compared to used semi-trucks. As they are made of firm quality, they are also quite expensive when compared to used semi-trucks.

Buying a used semi-truck scenario:

In most cases, buying a used semi-truck is quite similar to buying a used car. Undoubtedly, we all want to buy a truck in the best condition with a better mileage for the best price. You will love to find the best dealers or sellers who offer your interesting vehicle at a competitive price.

Fortunately, if you find the truck of your choice, it is equally important that you take it to test drive. It is also important that you feel comfortable while riding the vehicle. Focus on the vehicle’s drive quality and check for sounds and smoothness of the vehicle. If the seller offers you permission, you can also take the vehicle to your nearest appraiser to inspect the vehicle.

Trucking is one of the most important parts of the US economy as goods transportation of goods and consumer raw materials make up most of the US economy. Buying a used semi-truck demands a major investment, and it doesn’t matter whether you own a single truck or hold a large fleet.

How to choose a semi-truck?

Before you step into the market or approach a semi-truck dealer, you must make your mind to ensure what kind of vehicle you are looking to buy. If you buy a semi-truck for the daily office, go with the one with comfortable seating. If you are looking for a long-journey trip, go with sleeper.

When buying a semi-truck, whether used or new, here are three important things to consider,

  • Fuel costs,
  • Insurance, and
  • Routine maintenance and consistent oil changes.

Keep in mind you are purchasing a semi-truck for cargo capacity and fuel efficiency are two important deciding factors to consider while buying a used semi-truck.

Tips to consider while shopping for used semi-truck:

Check online prices of different truck dealers:

It is the first and foremost fact to consider when you are shopping for used semi-trucks. Online research plays a crucial role in understanding different vehicles and finding the best balance between demand & supply. There are also various dealer sites available online; hence checking prices is quite easy.

Contacting the nearest commercial semi-truck appraiser:

If you have found your dream semi-truck in the market and unfortunately, if you don’t find the price in the telephone directory, contacting the seller and fetching help from a professional appraiser is the best choice. Moreover, taking the vehicle to the appraiser will also make sure that you are a smart buyer and will not compromise with more.

Contacting mechanic if semi truck appraiser not available:

If you don’t have a high-quality appraisal company in the market, you can also take help from your local mechanic on hourly bill payments. Some mechanics might charge maintenance charges or also demand travel allowance apart from fees. The mechanic will provide an expert opinion regarding the vehicle. It is also important to go with an experienced mechanic in the region as they have the right talent to understand the worth of the vehicle.

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Semi Truck Appraiser – The Ultimate Guide to Follow While Buying Used Semi-Trucks

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