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The complete guide to build tiny homes on wheels

The complete guide to build tiny homes on wheels

There are plenty of reasons to select tiny homes. Some select it to reduce debt, while others love to go with them because they are low on money to purchase a conventional home. On the other hand, some prefer it for travel or to battle uncertain futures and climate change. You might have any other reason to select tiny homes or a combination of the reasons mentioned above.

The first and foremost step while shopping or building a tiny home is to finalize what you want. For many, the phrase “Tiny Homes” is an architectural wonder built on wheels or a miniature home with futuristic designs and displays built on trailers. You might have come across tiny homes built on wood, pitched roofs and glass windows resting on a trailer which makes it easy to transport.

Undoubtedly, the majority of tiny homes are mobile which helps the owners in saving time and money. For example, if you have a tiny home parked outside your doors, then you don’t have to worry about hotel bookings on your next summer vacation trip. You can cook, sleep, and bathe in one small room towed behind. Sounds interesting, right. Here’s what you have to consider while building tiny homes on wheels.

Why do you want to live in Tiny Homes?

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First of all, you will have to finalize the motive behind living in a tiny home. The situation or the stage of life will decide the entire process of how you will build your tiny movable home. Are you looking to build a futuristic van to live a tech-filled buzz life, or do you want to build your tiny home, which you can tow with your van? Or do you want to explore around America to discover the unvisited places and bring memories back home?

If you want to live with your family and children, you will have to stay closer to a school or medical facility. Are you running a pet sitting business? And have to stay at your client’s place for a few weeks or months.

Most of the tiny homes are well-designed which you can park alongside roads or in open parks in the city (If permitted). Pick up trucks and vans are the most preferred vehicles to transport tiny homes for people who like to live rent-free. To be honest, these homes are extremely small, and you will never experience the glamour like celebrities here because building and living in such small homes can be challenging. So, let us get into the important part of this blog.

Vital considerations and tips:

  • Verify the laws of the state before building:
    Building a tiny home without the permission of the local government is illegal. Your home might cease, and you will also have to face serious complications if your state doesn’t allow you to live in small DIY homes. Different states have different local laws; hence your first job is to check whether you can build a tiny home in your state. It will also help you in determining the size of your dream home. Also, check if your state has banned the use of certain materials or any mandatory layout or size limit of building tiny homes.
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish:
    Planning becomes a crucially important part of the process, especially when you are building a home. When the concern is about building tiny homes, the significance of the planning becomes essential because you have to fit in so many pieces of equipment in a limited environment. You have to be careful with every inch and centimeter, or else you will miss out on an important part of your tiny home. When planning, you have to select equipment that occupies less space. For example, you can go with sliding doors when compared to traditional doors, which demand much larger space when compared to modern alternatives. You can also go with window space to bring in a lot of natural light and feel like living in an outdoor environment.
  • Shrinking everything is not the right idea:
    The most common mistake which an owner can make while building a tiny home is shrinking everything tiny. If you shrink the size of the bathroom or bed too much, it can affect the quality of living. Yes, you cannot bring a king or queen size bed here, but you have to also not compromise with anything. Your goal is to create a multi-functional home; hence your architecture must respond to your goal. When the concern is about building a functional home, you have infinite options; hence go for the ones that match your living style and improve the quality of living in your home.
  • Don’t forget the ethics of the home:
    When you are building a mighty movable home, you must give enough care and attention to the foundation and roof of the home if you don’t want your home to flow away with the wind or water. The state restrictions are one of the prominent reasons why tiny houses are built on trailers, slits, concrete slabs, or even skids. The condition where you live decides which type of foundation will suit you better for building.Once you have laid the foundation of your dream home, your next job is to think about the roof. For example, if you live in a place where there is huge rainfall, you cannot go with flat roof ideas because it will attract a lot of debris and water. On the other hand, if you live in a place with heavy snowfall, you will have to go with durable and high-quality materials to withstand snow weight. You have to also go with aero-dynamic options if you are planning to move.
  • Attention the weight:
    Well, this tip might be at the fifth spot, but it is one of the most important considerations on the list. Weight becomes a very paramount concern when you are building a tiny transportable home. For example, if you are building a home on a trailer, you must know about “Tongue weight”, which means you have to balance the weight in the front and the back of the trailer. It is important to build your home based on tongue waits if you don’t want your home to fall sideways from the trailer when transporting. Moreover, the situation might also be dangerous if you are inside your home when it falls, and can also lead to serious accidents. So, when you’re building your home, calculate the weight carefully to have a safe ride.
  • Be unique:
    These days, most people build tiny homes with recycled materials to show off and save a lot of money. Interior designers have so many tools and techniques to bring in innovative solutions and reduce the overall cost of building. You can take your creativity levels to the next level and ensure that you don’t build an affordable living space but build one where all your family members love to stay. Be smart and build a home that runs on less energy and stays cool during a scorching hit and warm during freezing winter.
  • Load All The Essentials:
    None of your family members would like to live without essential tools; hence you will need to pen all the important necessities in a list. You have to also set your budget aside when building your tiny home for essential amenities like ovens, Air-Conditioner, TV Couches, Beds, and Hooks to keep things aligned, and a toilet for refreshment. Apart from the necessities as mentioned above, you will have to also consider various other expenses like installation and service charges for architects, designers, and handymen. You will have to also apply for gas connection and electricity, and you will have to pay charges for installation.
  • Select the right transportation vehicle:
    If you are building a tiny home that you can tow with your four-wheel drive or pickup truck, then you will have to select the right vehicle for the tough job. It is obvious that you will not invest in a new pickup truck when your main intention behind building a tiny home is a financial crisis. On the other hand, when buying a second-hand vehicle, you will have to consider various facts that might make things difficult.

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The complete guide to build tiny homes on wheels

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