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Total loss appraisal New York City- A quick guide to total loss appraisals and negotiation with insurance adjusters

Total loss appraisal New York City- A quick guide to total loss appraisals and negotiation with insurance adjusters

Is it possible to negotiate with insurance companies when your car has been declared totaled? This is a common question that creeps up in the minds of car drivers, but in most cases, drivers are unaware of the fact that they can negotiate with the policy adjusters. In most cases, negotiating a fair settlement becomes quite challenging, especially when the insurance company is hideous and does not wish to offer the exact covered value. How do you prove that your car has accrued a Total loss appraisal New York City in such cases? Here in this guide, we are going to give you a brief about what is total loss and how you can negotiate with the adjusters to get the claim amount that you deserve:

What is a total loss?

In layman’s terms, when the cost of repairs of a vehicle that has encountered an accident becomes higher than the actual value of the car, the vehicle is said to suffer a total loss. The total loss claim is way too different from other insurance claims. If the accidental vehicle is damaged to such an extent that the repair cost exceeds the car’s actual worth, the vehicle is deemed totaled, and the insurer declares that the car is not worth to be repaired.

The laws associated with total loss may vary from state to state. But it is imperative that you hire a total loss appraiser who can take charge of the evaluation process and prepare an appraisal report for your Total loss appraisal New York City presenting the actual worth of the vehicle.

When does total loss occur?

Total loss appraisal New York City of your vehicle can occur in two possible circumstances as mentioned below:

  • Theft cases: If your car has been stolen and you are not able to find it, then it is considered a total loss case.
  • Damage case: In case of an accident, if the repair cost of your car exceeds the actual value of the car, then this case is also considered a total loss.

What to do in case of a total loss?

total loss appraisal

When your car is declared totaled, you can consider selling the parts of your car to scrap car buyers. The scrap dealer further segregates the car parts into recyclable and non-recyclable parts, which is an environmentally responsive behavior to save nature. Also, you are required to cancel the RC of your vehicle from the nearest RTO office to make sure that the same registration number of your car is not allotted to any other person.

Why is it important to cancel the Registration certificate in case of a total loss?

RC proves the ownership of a car owner, and thus, it is extremely crucial to get the RC canceled right away when your car is declared totaled. When you end up selling the car by parts to a scrap dealer without canceling the RC, there are chances that someone may misuse the documents and use them for malicious purposes. One of the major things that criminals do is to use such RCs to give an identity to stolen vehicles. To get the RC canceled, you will be required to produce the RC certificate, insurance details, and proof that your car has been scrapped.

Next, you can file a claim for total loss, and the insurance companies will take a look at the essentials and pay you the IDV amount. If you have added a return to invoice to your policy, you are liable to get the full amount for your vehicle instead of just the IDV amount.

Advantages of seeking total loss appraisals in New York City

When you plan to sell your old car, the first thing that should hit your mind is to get your vehicle evaluated for its present value. The evaluation process calls for vehicle appraisers who can successfully evaluate your car and present forth you a fair market value of your car. Hiring experts to accomplish this task can prove to be beneficial for you. Below mentioned are a few advantages of seeking expert help from vehicle appraisers:

  1. They take away your worries and tensions
    Having an idea about the actual market price of your used vehicle can help you sell your cars at a competitive price. Finding a potential buyer who agrees to pay a fair deal is quite a satisfying and pleasing feeling. Thus, seeking car appraisal services while selling old cars is recommended for economic benefits. Also, they give you peace of mind as you do not have to deal with buyers who tend to bargain at different prices. Since you know the actual worth of your car, you can put up the same and wait for someone who agrees to the price.
  2. They get you aware of the actual exchange amount
    Whether you plan to sell your old car to buy a new car or wish to simply get rid of it, seeking an appraisal report can prove to be of great help for the car selling process. Dealers may play all their tricks to undervalue your car and may convince you for a deal wherein you may end up settling for a lower process than the actual worth of your car. But when you seek an appraisal report, you already know your car’s worth and thus can deny a deal that does not offer you genuine prices.


Tips to negotiate with an insurance company after suffering a total loss

Getting a total loss settlement in your favor can be a pretty intimidating process. While filing a total loss claim from the car insurance provider, the case is assigned to an adjuster who stands responsible for reviewing the facts associated with the case. They also decide the coverage amount applicably and accordingly decide the amount for settling the claim.

But what if you are not satisfied with the claim amount offered? What if you are offered a lower sum of money than the actual worth of your car? Negotiation is the only possible answer to such a dilemma. But, how do you negotiate with an adjuster? Here are a few tips that you can follow for claiming a total loss that is worth the value of your vehicle:

  1. Ascertain the actual worth of your car
    In order to get started with the negotiation process, you should first determine the actual worth of your car. The value of a car depends on a plethora of factors which include the year of manufacture, model, and make of the car. Call for an expert who can evaluate your car and give you a figure to set as a benchmark for negotiating with the insurance companies.
  2. Find out if the offer is genuine
    Insurance companies usually try to hit around the bushes and offer you the lowest possible claim. In such cases, the person should have sound knowledge about their vehicle’s worth to accept or reject the offer. On the contrary, there are some adjusters who may be ready to pay a genuine amount at the very first step. Whatever the case, having knowledge about the same helps you get the actual amount you deserve for the claim.
  1. Negotiate
    If you discover that the claim offered to you is exceptionally low, you can consider negotiating with the adjuster. Also, when you plan to negotiate with the adjuster, you should have some valid reasons and should be well-prepped to support your negotiation. Even if you are not hiring someone to come up with the actual value, there are many online tools that can help you get an estimate of your vehicle. The more documents you have, more strong will be your case while negotiating with the adjuster.
  1. Seek help from an attorney
    If you fail to negotiate with the adjuster, you can consider hiring an attorney who can serve as a guardian angel to help you negotiate. Though this should be kept as a last option, an attorney can help you claim the settlement that you deserve. Legal attorneys are well versed with the legalities of insurance claims and know how to fight with the insurance adjusters for your totaled car.
  1. Get things in black and white
    After a settlement is attained in your favor, you may need confirmation for the same. For this, make sure you get the settlement in writing so that you are not duped at any point. Also, getting things written acts as a shield for both the part wherein no party can deny the amount of settlement mentioned in the legal documents.


We hope that this guide gives you a clear insight into what is total car loss appraisal; and how you can negotiate with the insurance adjuster to get the right value for your totaled car. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a car that has encountered serious damages due to an accident, seek a Total loss appraisal New York City and find out how much you can claim without settling down for anything that is offered to you by the adjusters.

Total loss appraisal New York City- A quick guide to total loss appraisals and negotiation with insurance adjusters

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